Contest Giveaway: Nick’s Contribution

As many of you know, we recently celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary by giving away prizes to a set of lucky listeners. Nick’s prize was a custom-painted Kaelyssa: the winner, Corey, is a Khador player, and so requested the First Lady of Retribution be done in colour more appropriate to the frozen north.

Nick, as always, has delivered a beautiful model.

IMG_4950 copy

More pictures after the cut.
IMG_4951 copy IMG_4952 copy IMG_4953 copy
I am officially jealous. I don’t know exactly what Corey will use her for (or if she’ll just be a display piece)… could make a half-decent Winterguard Officer swap, I suppose?

Anyway, there ya go folks. Nick is also ahead of the curve, here… Aaron has restarted his drawing four times thus far, and I haven’t had a chance to ship out my prize to SevenSins (although I will do so this week… hopefully it shows up before Christmas!). But I thought I’d share what Nick did with everyone.


3 thoughts on “Contest Giveaway: Nick’s Contribution

  1. Khalyssa! I can dig it, and she came out great. As for putting her on the table, there has to be a handful of solos she could be, mercs or otherwise (least-stealthy Eiryss ever?)

    • Very true! And proxying Kaelyssa as Eiryss makes a lot of sense… although completely not tournament legal, I think it would make a fine substitution for casual play!

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