Tournament 006 – Game Summit Masters – Nick’s Adventure with Mercs.

A couple weeks(*) ago Marc and I made our way to Ottawa to compete in our first Master’s event. I’ve been lazy writing it up but finally here are some Batreps!!
(*Marc: It’s been a couple months now, and Nick hasn’t finished this… so I’ve stepped in to give a quick overview of his games from an outsider’s perspective. You’re welcome, Internet. You’re welcome)IMG_4614 copy

I have been playing my Mercenaries for the past few months so it was natural that I would be taking them to this event. I debated my list choices for a while and settled on my 3 favourite Mercs casters, Gorten MACBAIN and Damiano.


My Lists were:

Dougal MacNaile
Kell Bailoch
Gobber Tinker
Max Kayazy Assassins + Underboss
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eliminators
Max Steelhead Halberdiers
Alexia and the Risen

This is a list I’ve played on the podcast a couple times and it is a blast. The Galleon is a great gun platform that can really wreck face in melee. I consider the Nomad essential as a back-up Heavy for contesting or controlling zones and also a great piece-trade to keep the Galleon safe. What can I say about Kayazy Assassins with Countermeasures that hasn’t already been said. It’s one of those gut busting combinations that makes a lot of opponents squirm.

Gorten Grundback
*Sylys Nailer of Wishes
Thor Steinhammer
Wrong Eye
*Snap Jaw
*Bull Snapper
Max Nyss Hunters
Kayazy Eliminators
Aiyanna and Holt
Gobber Tinker
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

I love Gorten but I was having trouble building a list with him that I didn’t feel was too similar to my MACBAIN list. Lat time I ran him at a tournament he had max Boomhowlers and Assassins. This time the Boomies were going to be in my Damiano list and I ended up dropping the assassins from Gorten and giving him Nyss instead. I ended up adding the WE/SJ/BS package for spiny growth and a Heavy that Gorten doesn’t have to fuel himself.

Rupert Carvolo
Viktor Pendrake
Max Boomhowlers
Max Forge Guard
Max Steelhead Halberdiers
Max Steelhead Heavy Cavalry

Damiano is a caster that I have only played once before this tournament but I already know he is one of my favourites. I am comfortable running an infantry swarm and nobody does it better than him. I love his feat and his spell list. I just wish he had 1 more focus.

Game 1 Vs. Khador

First round I was matched up against Jefferey.  I have actually fought him before in the Youngbloods tournament at the Southern Ontario Open earlier this year. In that game my Ossyan list was defeated by Jeffery’s Butcher3 after some bad dice wrecked a borderline assassination attempt on my part. This time he dropped Sorcha2.

Max Winterguard + UA + 3 Rockets
Kovnik Joe
Max Nyss Hunters
Dougal MacNaile
Harlan Versh
Min Battle Mechanics

I drop MACBAIN against him not really realizing that the Winterguard sprays are going to be a pretty hard counter to my stealth/countermeasured Kayazy. I think I still like it better than my other 2 lists though.

Mercs Turn 1

I run a unit of Eliminators up each flank. Kell Bailoch runs up the left flank to get into position to knock off Nyss Hunters all game.

Galleon runs up opposite the enemy flag on the left and Nomad runs up opposite the friendly flag on the right.

Assassins get Countermeasures and run forward and spread out.

Steelheads run forward in front of the Galleon and spread out.

Alexia moves up and crafts a thrall who runs forward on the right flank.

IMG_4551 copy

(Marc Again: Folks, this is as far as Nick got in the writeup. From this point on I’ll be giving brief overviews of what happened in the battles, rather than a blow-by-blow account. I hope this is acceptable, because while I was at the event and talked to Nick about his games, this was awhile ago! Thankfully, Nick takes beautiful and very informative pictures!)
Jeffery rushes forward with his own troops, spreading the Nyss out to the left while moving up the middle with the Konquest and Winterguard.
Nick counters by jamming his Steelheads into the Nyss and pushing the Kayazy towards the Konquest with “Countermeasures” on them. Alexia, unsurprisngly, starts to gather corspes…
The Galleon starts pounding into the Konquest at range, firing all its shots into the Khadoran colossal.

IMG_4553 copy IMG_4554 copy  IMG_4556 copy

The next few turns see the Konquest repaired by the Battle Mechaniks while pounding on the Galleon. The Galleon, in return, is repaired by the Gobber Tinkerer. Nick is slowly gaining ground here… the Galleon simply outclasses the Konquest at range.
They Nyss start slowly taking out Steelheads on the left, and the Winterguard spray a few Kayazy to death.

IMG_4557 copy IMG_4558 copy

The Steelheads kill Nyss in return, while the Kayazy move up to Countermeasure the Konquest and Winterguard (keeping several safe being obstructions). Alexia heads towards the middle of the table to collect more corpses.
The barrage of firepower on the Konquest from the Galleon continues to hammer the mighty warjack.

IMG_4559 copy IMG_4560 copy IMG_4561 copy

The Conquest continues towards the Galleon (repaired by the Battle Mechaniks) after the Winterguard clear out the Kayazy “Counter Measure”ing it with sprays. The Nyss fail to kill Nick’s Eliminators, but the Steelheads are heavily attritioned. Jeffery also gets a few shots off on the Nomad on the right.

IMG_4562 copy IMG_4563 copy

Alexia sends Risen to tie up Winterguard, while the remaining Steelheads mop up most of the Nyss (2 left, I think). The Nomad continues to contest the right flag.

IMG_4564 copy IMG_4565 copy IMG_4566 copy

Jeffery pops his Feat around here, but then flubs the damage rolls against both the Galleon and Nomad, leaving both operational. Nick counters by sending Alexia into the Konquest, inflicting heavy damage and leaving it on its last few boxes.

IMG_4567 copy IMG_4568 copy IMG_4569 copy

Nick elects to send MacBain out towards the Nomad in order to get it back in CTRL, since the fight against the Konquest is winding down and there are still swathes of Winterguard to deal with. The remaining Steelheads close in on the left flank, leaving only 1 Nyss (engaging the Galleon).

IMG_4570 copy IMG_4571 copy
Desperation time for Jeffery… he pumps every shot he can into MacBain, leaving him on a few boxes with no tools left… wait! That 1 Nyss!
It charges away from the Galleon and Nick misses his Free Strike!
It manages to hit MacBain! Jeffery *cranks* the damage roll, and MacBain fails the Tough check…

Victory to Khador!

IMG_4572 copy

IMG_4573 copy

I know Nick was a little upset by this game… not that Jeffery played a poor game (he didn’t), and it was grindy as hell (which Nick loves), but just that he made some questionable decisions in the heat of the moment… sparing a Harpoon for Sorscha the turn before Nick lost would’ve probably won it for him, but he was a little fixated on killing that Konquest.

Still, always nice to have a rival, and Nick now has an arch-nemesis in the form of Jeffery (who is super nice! I played him next round and face-stomped him as politely as possible to avenge my cohost!).

Game 2 Vs. Circle

This game, using Outflank, was a simple decision on Nick’s part: He had crafted his Damiano list specifically to out attrition Circle (and against Hordes/Dudeswarms overall), and it was about time to put it to the test.

His opponent dropped eMorvahna (probably suspecting that nobody out attritions her). His list appears to be:

Morvahna the Dawnsomething
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Gorax
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Shifting Stones
– Stonekeeper (UA)
Blood Trackers (max)
Skinwalkers (max)
– Alpha (I don’t see it, but I assume it’s there… it’s always there…)
Tharn Ravagers
Victor Pendrake

The Scenario was “Outflank” (two 12″ Circles on the midline). Oh, and the table has 3 *awful* buildings smack in the middle that block LoS and are obstructions… they’re pretty, but horribly unplayable. When I played on this table my opponent and I declared them to be hills, just because of how much real estate they take up!

“Prey” goes on the Boomhowlers, and they’re off!
The early game saw both combatants running their armies forward, trying to gain ground. The Circle player commits heavily to Nick’s right with the Blood Trackers and most of his warbeasts: Nick responds by sending the Boomhowlers, Forgeguard, and Roccinante towards that flank, with the ATGM in the middle happily Sniping things to death.

IMG_4574 copy IMG_4575 copy
The Steelhead Halberdiers and Cavalry work on the left flank, trying to clear out the Ravagers, and being mostly successful! The Boomhowlers tarpit like champs, and the majority of the Blood Trackers are wiped out in fast order.
The Circle player threatens forward with the Stones around Ghetorix and the Stalker, but his Skinwalkers can’t chew through Damiano’s troops fast enough.

IMG_4576 copy IMG_4577 copy
Morvahna Feats, bringing back Skinwalkers and Ravagers, but even flooding the left zone with new bodies (or… renewed bodies, I suppose), it’s obvious that the game is swinging heavily in Nick’s favour.

IMG_4578 copy IMG_4579 copy
The turn after the Feat, Nick has killed everything that was brought back and more and still not lost any of his really heavy hitters.
IMG_4580 copy IMG_4581 copy  IMG_4583 copy IMG_4584 copy
Minutes left on the clock, and Nick clears out the left zone and starts dominating it. Damiano is protected by a long line of Steelhead Cavalry, and the few remaining Halberdiers (really just there to give “Flank” to the Cavalry at this point!).

IMG_4585 copy IMG_4586 copy IMG_4587 copy

Running out of time and options, the Circle player commits the Warpwolf to clearing out the right zone: it kills many Boomhowlers and Hammerdwarves, but the remaining Skinwalker can’t kill the last Boomhowler.
He teleports in a Shifting Stone to contest Nick’s zone.

On Nick’s turn, he clears out the stone, scores 2 more CPs for dominating, and flips the clock back to his opponent… who, with 30 seconds left, concedes.

Victory to Mercenaries!IMG_4588 copy

This game is something special… a chance to grind out Morvahna player! This list was designed for this purpose, and man did it ever deliver… basically negating Morvahna’s Feat through volume of attacks! Nick was justifiably proud of this victory! On to Round 3!

Game 3 Vs. Convergence

Nick’s opponent for this game dropped Father Lucant… and I can tell you with some certainty that Nick approaches Convergence the same way that one may approach a game of Calvinball… with gleeful ignorance and confusion. He still does so these days, since we rarely see Convergence across the table across from us at tournaments! As a result, he dropped Gorten, who I believe is his most competent ARM-cracker.

His opponent’s Lucant list was approximately as follows:

Father Lucant
– Prime Axiom
– A Heavy (Mutator?)
– Corollary
Enigma Foundry
Enigma Foundry
Obstructors (max)
Reciprocators (max)
Optifex Directive

I would love to tell you if this is a good list, but near as I can tell, this is pretty much *the* list for Convergence. Take an Axiom, a unit of Optifex, and 1 or 2 medium based infantry with an Enigma Foundry (or two) along with a Corollary, add Lucant or Syntherion, and beat face.

The Scenario was Incursion, the Convergence player won the starting roll, and the game was afoot!

The Convergence models all raced up the board on Turn 1, with the small-based Obstructors heading towards the left flag, the Reciprocators moving up towards the right, and the Axiom popping out Pods as it headed up the middle.

Nick responded by sending his (slow-as-molasses) Earthbreaker towards the Axiom with Spiny Growth and Strength of Granite on it, the Nyss Hunters towards the right flag, and Aiyana and Holt (along with the other support) near Gorten.

The right flag disappears (much to Nick’s annoyance, I imagine, with most of his troops on that side of the table!). But what can he do except soldier on?

IMG_4590 copy IMG_4591 copy

His opponent swings his army towards the middle, the Axiom perforating Nyss at range while the infantry move to protect his army.
IMG_4592 copy IMG_4593 copy IMG_4594 copy IMG_4595 copy IMG_4596 copy

Nick’s turn he uses the Nyss to pump CRAs into the Shieldwalled Reciprocators without luck. The Earthbreaker moves up and, between hip guns and torpedoes, *wipes out the entire unit of Obstructors*.

You read that right. Every last one, vapourized. Awesome.
Gorten drops a Wall between himself and the Prime Axiom (to avoid being dragged to his death), Spiny went back on the Earthbreaker.
IMG_4597 copy IMG_4598 copy

The Axiom moves up and manages to kill Aiyana and Holt, while the Reciprocators move up in Shieldwall and wipe out several Nyss. One of the floating Pods moves B2B with the flag that Nick recently cleared to score his first CP.
IMG_4599 copy IMG_4600 copy

Nick now gets to do one of his favourite things in WarMachine: he uses Thor to boost all the Damage Rolls for the Earthbreaker (that has Strength of Granite on it), which then walks up and effortlessly 1-rounds the Axiom while contesting the flag. The Bullsnapper moves up to contest the center flag and puts Spiny on itself.
The Nyss move up and smack the Reciprocators ineffectively.
IMG_4601 copy IMG_4602 copy IMG_4603 copy

The Convergence player charges and kills the Bullsnapper with his heavy warjack. The Reciprocators continue to fail to wipe out the Nyss.

In response, Nick starts dominating the left flag. His opponent manages to contest with the Optifex for a turn, but can’t get through the Nyss or Earthbreaker fast enough, so Nick ends up getting enough Control Points and wins!

Victory to the Mercenaries!IMG_4604 copy  IMG_4606 copy IMG_4607 copy IMG_4608 copy  IMG_4610 copy

Gotta feel good about that… I can say that a Spiny Growth’d Earthbreaker is NOT a trivial thing to take off the table, and the whole time being cautious to not have your warcaster *just a little* too close to Gorten is extremely stressful. Plus, the Earthbreaker is a fantastic assassination tool, and easily capable of taking almost any other Colossal off the table (unquestionably in melee… at range, it’s a little less certain).

With that win in the bag, Nick then moves on to Round 4!

Game 4 Vs. Cryx

Nick is going up against Cyrx, which means Dudeswarm, which means… Damiano!
His opponent, Nick from “Party Foul” (who will be identified as “PF-Nick” to avoid confusion this report) was banking on the super-threat of the Witch Coven (a favourite warcaster-unit of his, I have since learned). PF-Nick is a super nice guy, and a very strong opponent!

His list was as follows:

Witch Coven of Garlglahsghastasht
– Deathjack
– Leviathan (has a harpoon)
– Bonejack arc node
Bane Knights (max)
Blood Witches (max)
– Blood Hag
War Witch Siren

The Scenario was Fire Support (center-line flags, friendly objective).
Nick wins the roll off and elects to go first! His first priority is to get his entire list up the table as fast as humanly possible… he Charges Damiano up the table, putting out all his Buffs (spending his full stack) while everything rushed forwards.

IMG_4611 copy IMG_4612 copy  IMG_4614 copy

On PF-Nick’s turn, he does some mental math and realizes that he can spell-assassinate Damiano. He moves up the Egregore to get range on Damiano, who is in by a mere inch, and then blasts him with his full stack of Focus and Daimano is very, very dead.

Victory to Cryx!

Nick managed to laugh off the Bottom-of-1 Assassination (it happens to all of us sooner or later, folks!), and he and PF-Nick reset the game “as if” Damiano was 1.5″ back and therefore out of range. This “fake” game was better, but eventually Deathjack managed to get onto Damiano and finished him off anyway. Regardless, Nick learned a valuable lesson and still had a good time!

Last round!

Game 5 Vs. Legion

Nick’s last round was a Legion player. Unfortunately, I’m not 100% on which warlock he was playing, but it *looks* like pThagrosh, but I’m pretty sure it was eLylyth, so I’m going to go with that until Nick corrects me/this report!
(Note, I have now checked with Nick… what I thought was pThags is actually a Bolt Thrower. Definitely an eLylyth list!)

The list was *probably*:

– Ravagore
– Ravagore
– Nephelim Bolt Thrower
– Naga Nightlurker
Nyss Strider Deathstalker
Nyss Strider Deathstalker

Nick drops his Damiano List again (wise) and wins the Initiative roll, selecting to go first. The Scenario is “Destruction” (central 12×6″ zone with a friendly objective on one corner that needs to die before you can control or dominate the zone… the objective also has modified self-sac).

Nick rushes up with the Boomhowlers towards Thags and the warbeasts, while the Cav and Steelheads head right.

IMG_4615 copy IMG_4616 copy

The Legion player pushes hard on the left, using Ravagore shots to kill huge numbers of Boomhowlers and putting Scather templates out like confetti.

Nick, undeterred, pushes forward and starts killing warbeasts with Boomhowlers and tries to get the rest of his army around the Scathers without dying. The Cavalry try (unsuccessfully) to kill a Deathstalker.
IMG_4617 copy IMG_4618 copy
Legion’s response is swift and brutal: the last of the Boomhowlers are taken off the table, more Scathers go out, and he moves his Ravagores bck for safety. The Deathstalkers Snipe multiple models off the table.

IMG_4619 copy

Battered, but unbowed, Nick floods the zone with bodies, kills one of the Deathstalkers, and uses the ATGM to Snipe out support models.

The game ends with his opponent going for a long-bomb assassination run, needing to hit boosted 12s a couple times in a row… and does it!

Victory to Legion!

IMG_4620 copy

Nick, being an Engineer and lover of precision, is going to HATE these reports… I say “Better somewhat inaccurate work that is done over accurate stuff that is never finished”! But that’s because I’m a physicist, and we work with order-of-magnitude approximations (“The answer is 100. Oh, it’s actually 10,000? Well, that’s only 2 orders of magnitude… close enough!”).

Thanks for reading, and hopefully Nick has a chance to make a few corrections before this goes live, but if not… I’m pretty sure I got it mostly right! And he does take great pictures…

Next, to see if I can convince him to finish up his report from the Hobby Kingdom… before I do that one for him too! Muahahahahaha!
– Marc


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