Tournament Video Footage – The Dragon

Marc went to play in the last Steamroller event at The Dragon, in Gelph, ON.  Once again he brought back some video of the event which I finally got around to editing this weekend.

By pure co-incidence we ended up getting the new hotness of Bradigus on the video table in rounds 1,2 and 4 and one of the round 3 competitors asked us not to post the video of their game, which we respect.

So enjoy 3 rounds of Bradigus.

Round 1 –  Circle (Bradigus) Vs. Cygnar (Kraye)

Round 2 – Circle (Bradigus) V.s Khador (Butcher1)

Round 4 FINAL – Skorne (pXerxis) Vs. Circle (Bradigus)


6 thoughts on “Tournament Video Footage – The Dragon

  1. I finally got the time to watch the video with Xerxis. I’ll definitely watch the other two as well. That’s a reaally long threat range on Bradigus, but even at +4 Synergy, Xerxis might have lived if he’d camped another transfer (or been Base to Base with another model). I was curious about the Celestial Fulcrum, but it seems like it worked out really well for Paul.

    I got my first game in against Bradigus a couple of nights ago, and I’ll have the report up soon.

    • Yeah, it is difficult to overstate the threat-range on Bradigus. It is, flatout, insane. And I agree… a little tighter/safer play on the Xerxis player’s part and he probably would’ve survived (although I think Bradigus still had 2 Fury left?).

      I look forward to your report! And figuring out how to counter Bragnarok myself…

      • Alright, well, I finished watching the other reports. Paul did a really good job keeping his stones safe, which kept the assassination on the table for him. It’s definitely worth sacrificing a light to break a stone.

        Also, cripes, Alexia and the Risen are nowhere near their full potential in this matchup.

        My report will probably be up either Monday or Wednesday.

      • Yup. And since this Kraye list is being designed specifically as a Bradigus-Breaker, Alexia is now out (I’ve put in Nyss Hunters, in the hopes that their Forest-Ignoring CRAs can ping a couple of the Stones to death… but with all those Shield Guards everywhere, that’s pretty freakin’ unlikely!).

        Looking forward to your report!

      • The report is up on 4+ Tough. I played Makeda 3, since she’s my fave, but a lot of my thought process seems like it might be worth keeping in mind, even for armies with a gun or two (my opponent put his “Flesh of Clay” tokens back in the box upon learning that the only ranged attack in my list does no damage).

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