Painter of Everblight – Lylyth3 “Sleighing” All Her Enemies

Oh, Nick is going to hate that title. And what I’m going to write. But he’s not hte boss of me!
IMG_4959 copy
Ya hear that, Grawburg! You may be a better painter AND a better player, but you’re not the boss of me! More pictures after the cut…

(Spoiler: He’s totally the boss)
So for Christmas, I (Marc) bought Nick a Lylyth3. It started as a joke (“If you don’t tell me what you want for Xmas, I’m buying you a Santa Lylyth!”), but it quickly took hold… Nick is a talented and enthusiastic modder, and the temptation of painting and modifying Lylyth3 proved to be too strong to resist.

The Shredders (purchased from a used Battle Box) are held in place with wire, and I love the effect they give the whole model… and I love the concept that Lylyth’s “melee attack” in her Battle Engine is one or more of the Shredders jumping on her enemies as she rides forward! Awesome.

And, as always, Nick delivers a sublime paint job on top of his excellent mod. The man thinks I’m biased towards his painting: he keeps winning “Best Painted Army” competitions (4 now?), so I think he’s way more talented than he’s willing to admit.

You be the judge:
IMG_4961 copy IMG_4962 copy IMG_4964 copy


9 thoughts on “Painter of Everblight – Lylyth3 “Sleighing” All Her Enemies

  1. That looks really awesome, well done Nick ๐Ÿ˜€
    Loving the shredders pulling, but also well done on the armour on the sleigh!

    Also: some good basing on there ^^

    A very blighted Christmas to all!

      • My friend, it never really stops… this morning on my 2 hour drive to work, I was trying to work out lyrics for “I’m Dreaming of a Blight Christmas”…

        Be happy that no recording device exists in my car. It would be horrific.

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