Battle 042 – GingerBatRep 001 – Circle vs. Legion – Ride the Lightning

So it has been about a year or so since I’ve joined up with Warmachine Wednesdays tradition and I have written some battle reports on the PP forums (although at this point it would probably take so necromancy to find them) but this will be my first report written up for Combo Smite.  So without further delay I present to you a battle between my Circle of Orboros and Nick’s Legion of Everblight.

DSCN0292  The two lists that i brought were for a tournament being run at the Game Chamber in London. My lists were eBaldur’s “Hour of Reckoning” tier 4 and the following pKrueger list:  (No that’s not a typo, I’m running pKrueger.)

Krueger the Stormwrath (Krueger 1, pKruger, not eKrueger)

  • Druid Wilder
  • Gorax
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Ghetorix
  • Woldwarden

Gallows Grove x2

Blackclad Wayfarer

Una the Falconer

  • Razorwing Griffon
  • Rotterhorn Griffon

Shifting Stones Package

There's a storm coming.

There’s a storm coming.

I have been on a kick lately with pKrueger, nothing  too unique snowflake like, but I just find that with Circle if you take a Gorax, Stalker and Ghetorix you usually have a pretty solid 25 point start that any ‘Lock can use.  Combine with that Krueger’s borderline unfair ability to clear light infantry, I find that it makes a pretty solid all-comers list.  As for Una, and her Griffons, I don’t think I need to go over the synergies between “Accelerate” and all the star actions Circle has.  I bounce back and forth between Una and the Nyss Hunters but, for the upcoming tournament this is what I am going for.

Nick, as has been stated before, is still continuing his journey through playing all the Legion Warlocks as well as trying to sure up some of his own tournament lists.  Although for this battle he admitted he just wanted to use Typhon.  And I don’t blame the guy, he wants to use Typhon, let him use Typhon!  (Sorry channeled Harry Caray there.)  After looking at the lists I had brought there was a little bit of list chicken for him.  Play eLylth and chance being between a rock and a hard place against eBaldur or take pVayl and see how much armour he can chew through.  Happily for the sake of having an amusing game to write about Nick took pVayl:

Vayl Disciple of Everblight (pVayl, Vayl 1)

  • Typhon
  • Seraph
  • Scythean
  • Angelious
  • Shredder
  • Succubus

Blighted Raptors (max.)

Shepherd x2

The Forsaken


Rubber Shredder, you’re the one! Squeak-squeak.

Thank the Gods, when I first heard Vayl all I could think was “I’m so sick of playing against eVayl’s tier.”  Thankfully he brought this list, which is still pretty ball-busting.  I played against pVayl a couple times, but no where near was much as I’ve played against eVayl’s Machinations of Shadow tier.  (I suspect it is the same for Nick, lots of games against eKrueger, not so much against against the Stormwrath.)


Nick’s forces, deployed and ready for a fight.

Circle stands ready to hold back the Blighted onslaught.

Circle stands ready to hold back the Blighted onslaught.

Legion Turn I:

Nick begins by running most things forward.  (Interesting tactic, let’s see if it’ll work.)  The Battle Moose run hard and fast to toe themselves into the zone on my left.  On my right, the Angelius moves up a bit more cautiously.  As do Typhon and the Scythean.  Vayl, with the help of her trusty Shredder “Bitey” moves up and spams Tenacity onto most of the heavies as well as puts Chiller on the Scythean. The Serraph moves up behind the Raptors to offer its moral support.  Lastly the Shepherd and Forsaken do their fury management thing and that is all.


So much Tenacity!

So much Tenacity!


Circle Turn I:

Raptors in the zone you say, Chain Lightning I say.  The Woldwarden tramples forward to get range on the Blighted Riders, spends one to Geomancy Chain Lightning and boosts the hit.  The spell hits and I roll a 6, sending lightning racing to the very back of Nick’s lines, damaging the one Raptor and taking out the Shepherd hiding behind her beast.  Not what I was expecting, but I’ll sure take it!  Krueger casts Skyborne and advances onto the hill in the middle of the table. (The one thing Legion doesn’t ignore.)  He then casts Chain Lightning himself through the Grove and is able to take out the damage Raptor and a second.  The Stones shift around a bit, allowing the Stalker and Ghetorix to move up into their triangles, ready to be shifted wherever the battle takes them.  Nick jokes that this is Circle’s light artillery.  He laughs; I laugh then ask if I get boosted damage if I control my objective.  Nick stops laughing.  Fine.  The Gorax and Blackclad hang back, lastly Una moves up with her Griffons, ready to threaten into the zone on my right.

No one is safe!

No one is safe!

Circle artillery, loaded and ready.

Circle artillery, loaded and ready.


We can totally take an Angelius!

  Legion Turn II:

Nick takes his fury back in and turn two begins.  He says something about getting a free Warden; I look at Ghetorix and the Stalker primed and ready behind the Warden and feel confident.  Vayl advances while checking her Command Range, turns the Scythean into an Arc Node and casts Rampager & Incite.  Right, “p” Vayl.  She opts not to Feat this turn, as there are not enough enemy models in range to make it worth it.  So the Warden meanders forward then turns around to wave at my lines, exposing his ample posterior to the waiting Typhon.  Typhon not being one to pass up on low hanging fruit moves up and puts all three sprays into the Warden, boosting all damage rolls.  When the smoke clears my Warden is still alive (as a construct can be) but barely.



Looking to halt any further retaliations the Battle Moose charge forward into the Shifting Stones and Gallows Grove.  They easily take out one from each unit and use their light cavalry moves to move back into the zone.  On the other side of the board the Angelius waits just outside the zone, one to deal with Una and her group and two, waiting to see where Ghetorix is going to commit.   Nick again does his fury management and passes the tape over, ending his turn.


Mid-way through turn 2

Mid-way through turn 2

Circle Turn II:

So the only thing in Nick’s zone is two Raptors, time to dominate.  I take in my fury, don’t have any up-keeps to worry about, and begin.  My mission is to clear out the zone on my left.  The Stone Keeper goes first.  Angry about losing one of his sacred stones he lobs a Rock Hammer at the closest Raptor, connecting and easily un-mounting the rider.  The Druid Wilder puts the Stalker’s animus Lightning Strike onto Krueger, who casts Skyborne and charges at the last Raptor in the zone.  He boosts the hit and connects felling him.  Krueger ends his activation and uses his sprint move to get away from danger.  The second unit of Stones teleport forward into the zone in a break wall formation, trying to make it that much harder for anything to get at Krueger.

I got this.

I got this.

The crippled Warden moves up to the last Raptor, boots the hit and is able to wipe the unit.  I know I am going to lose him now, but he sure has done his job for today.  The Stalker holds back in reserve and Ghetorix advances too.  I end my turn contesting my zone with Una and her Griffons and score two points for Dominating Nick’s zone.



End of turn 2. Circle goes up on CPs 2 – 0.

Legion Turn III:

So Nick is far from out of this game, however I am starting to force his hand as he can’t just let me sit in the zone uncontested.  I’m pretty sure I’m safe from assassination, but I know this is going to be his feat turn as the lines have truly met.  That means there’s going to be a lot of damage with the possibility of no repercussion.  Again Nick takes in his fury, up-keeps chiller and we’re off.

Vayl goes first, moving into an optimal position to use her Feat: Cat & Mouse.  She puts out incite and tries to take out the severely damaged Woldwarden with her glowy-auto-hitty-ball thing.  No dice.  He doesn’t want to use Typhon again as he has bigger plans for him, so the Scythean swings and easily takes off the last remaining boxes.  The Angelius is up next and charges into Ghetorix.  He boosts the charge attack (because that’s what you do) hitting with the tail strike and does really good damage.  He maxes out the Angel’s fury and Ghetorix is a hurting unit.  Typhon comes in at this point and plays the finisher.  It only takes one spray to put Ghetorix down, leaving the other two initials to take out my objective.   The Serraph moves forward to contest the zone.

The blighted fire burns.

The blighted fire burns.

Once everyone is done, and the Forsaken has leached more fury, it’s time for the feat moves.  Nick moves the Angelius back towards the zone with Una in it, so as not to sacrifice it.  The Serraph and Scythean toe into opposite ends of the zone that Krueger is in and Typhon moves back towards Vayl.  Once all is said and done he has contested the zone and scored himself a control point.  2 – 1 for Circle.  (The good guys!)




End of Nick’s turn. Ghetorix, Woldwarden and my objective are down. 2 – 1 Circle.

Circle Turn III:

Stay the course.  The Stone Keeper goes first and throws out another Rock Hammer at the Scythean.  Hits and does a couple points of damage but nothing serious.  The Stalker gets loaded up with Lightning Strike from the Wilder, warps for strength and gets an assist from the Blackclad via Hunter’s Mark to get the charge in on the Scythean.  Rolling at straight dice I have to use all my attacks but in the end the beast goes down.  I contemplate where to sprint to, to the top of the zone to threaten Vayl, or stay near the bottom and be in the way of anything trying to get at Krueger.  In the end I opt to keep my caster safe.


Your scythe is no match for my sword.

Krueger activates and casts Tornado again, throwing the Serraph out of the zone again.  Light damage is inflicted but nothing else is knocked out.  Zone is clear again though, so that’s two more points.  I feat this turn as well, dropping a template on the Forsaken, killing her… him.. .it .  Then using the other two to make the board look more colourful.  (There really wasn’t anything else to use it on as Vayl was out of range.)


The Gorax and second unit of Stones move forward to gum up the landing zone as much as possible for the Angelius and make and obstacle course for Typhon to get around.  (Damn leash and slipstream!)  Una finally grows a pair and threatens forward, I know she’s not going to do much against heavy war beasts, but I need to do something with her.   Ending my turn I am up 4 – 1 in control points.  Which leads to…


Legion Turn IV:

Funny the difference a turn makes.  Last turn I felt pretty out in front, now I feel like I’m slipping and doing all I can to hold on.  Once again Nick’s mission is clear, contest the zone while keeping Vayl safe.  Nick starts with Vayl again, using her vast array of shenanigans to get Typhon and the Angelius in better striking positions.  He advances her forward into one of the Lightning Templates and I roll pretty well, doing decent damage.  Next, Typhon advances towards my Stalker, hits with the first spray and absolutely CRANKS the damage roll.  He was at dice -1 and rolled 6, 6, 5.  Two sprays later and my stalker is off the board, leaving only the fresh scent of pine in his wake.

Fire+Incite > SWord

Fire+Incite > Sword

The Serraph, healed up to full productivity, moves to the middle of the zone this time and rolls a 1 for his amount of shots.  (D’oh!)  First shot hits and does moderate damage to Krueger.  Second gets transferred off to the Gorax.

Lightning bad!

Lightning bad!

The Angelius charges into the Gorax and mostly kills him.  He’s on a couple boxes, but through the miracle of dice, hi spirit is not knocked out.  Nick doesn’t max out the fury on the Angelius so he can be a transfer target in the event that I try something cute.  Nick is in a really good way.  All my heavy hitters are dead, Krueger is trapped in the zone with a Seraph and Typhon and Una is doing… well bird things.  I’m still up 4-1, but I only have a long shot left to get the win.

Thing are looking bleak.

Thing are looking bleak.

Circle Turn IV:

I pull off one of my Lightning templates, take in my furry and begin.  I see that Vayl is as far forward as she has been all game.  I hatch a long shot assassination attempt at her.  I move the Gorax around and try to put Primal on the Razorwing Griffon.  (Hey why not.)  Turns out I am about an inch short.  Normally I would abort the assassination run here, but if I’m going to lose anyways why not go for the gusto!  The Blackclad   tries to tag Vayl with Hunter’s Mark and misses by one.  Dang.  Una advances and tries to hit Vayl with Dogpile, misses.  Crap.  She fires one of her Falcons and hits, huzzah!  Oh wait, Val always has concealment, I miss.  So this has completely failed, I charge anyways and I am short by about two inches.  (Interesting fact, Dogpile & Hunter’s Mark would stack giving four extra inches of charge, as they are two different benefits.)

Whelp, it’s all up to Krueger now.  Krueger steels his resolve, charges the mighty flying beast, easily making the distance.  Before the first blow he casts Tornado at Typhon, he connects and throws Typhon out of the zone.  His melee hit against the Serraph connects and deals moderate damage.  I buy a second attack and hit (sustained attack), boosting the damage I need to roll a 13 to slay the Dragon Spawn.  The dice tumble and come up:

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend!

Victory to Circle Via Scenario!

End of the Game

End of the Game

Oaky, first off lucky.  First words out of my mouth.  Nick joked that it would have been different if I was playing against a competent Legion player, hey his words not mine, but in his defence I think this was his first or second time playing pVayl and he didn’t make too many mistakes in my estimation.  The list is solid and took out my heavy hitters with precision.   I feel the biggest one was bringing the Raptors too far forward first turn, allowing me to take two out, and some of his fury support.  In any event I would gladly play this match again.

As for my list, as I said I will be taking this to the tournament at the Game Chamber Saturday and I feel pretty confident using it.  Hopefully I can defy internet logic and with pKrueger, at 50 points, in a tournament setting.  Stranger things have happened.  Until next time, stay lucky my friends.

(No seriously, stranger things have happened.  Last year someone qualified for Masters using Lord Assassin Morghoul!)


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