Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s been an exciting year for Combo Smite… we continue to grow at a slow-but-steady pace (about 50 new listeners a month!), and I’d like to say thank you to everyone for helping us in that regard.

It was a year of highs and lows… of victorious tournaments and crushing defeats. Of 50+ podcasts I’m extremely proud of, a handful of giveaways (hopefully the hats have arrived in Norway!), and more painting tutorials, batreps, and commentary than you can shake a really big stick at!

2015 is going to be an exciting year as well, folks… come watch as I attempt to make the Canadian WTC team, our efforts at Adepticon and the Southern Ontario Open (plus a few other major cons, hopefully!) and dozens of smaller tournaments including the Southern Ontario “Store Wars” circuit! And, of course, join us every week for our audio podcast where Nick and Aaron make fun of my awful openings and continue to berate my sub-par gameplay, while I, in turn, make fun of their mothers.

We’re also looking forward to having some superstar “big name” guests on Combo Smite… from the brilliant Tim Banky and Matt Clark (Privateer Press Judges and hosts of the new podcast “Arcane Assist”), to Canada’s fastest raising superstar Khador player “Bubba” Dalton (you may recognize his name from the WarMachine Weekend “Last Chance Qualifier”, where he finished 2nd to Trevor “I Host A Small WarMachine Podcast That’s Called Chain Attack” Christensen)… to everyone else I can get to sit down, smash one of our faces in and then be recorded afterwards!

And yes, Bubba, you’re a superstar. That is what you are. One of these days we may actually learn your real name even!

Plus, I may finally get around to making “Combo Smite” shirts to give away at tournaments, Nick may finally finish the city board he’s been working on for 3 years, and Aaron may finally play Kossite Woodmen! Adam may finally play Trollbloods! Todd may finish writing another batrep! Darrell may play a top-tier warcaster! Kassem might play the same list TWICE! The suspense! The horror! The odds of Aaron stabbing me to death when he finds out that I said he may play Kossites!

Have a safe New Years Eve, folks, and we’ll see everyone in a few short days with our first podcast!


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