Battle 044 – Cygnar vs Skorne, Kraye vs Rasheth: The Hare and the Fat, Overweight, Bloated, Evil Dude Carried by Turtles

Kevin and my last game was over pretty quickly (check it out in Battle 043!)… so we racked ’em up and went at it again. This time he knew I was taking Kraye, and perhaps more importantly, knew my entire list… and adjusted his list accordingly to run with ol’ Fatty McButterpants…


On the one hand, Rasheth is probably too fat to be thrown by a Minuteman… on the other hand, Kraye has many, many tricks up his sleeve…

My list was the same as last time, since I’m still trying to confirm Kraye’s capabilities as an Anti-Skorne-and-Circle drop (specifically against Bradigus, but I figured that I need to be comfortable dropping him against more than just that 1 warlock!). As such, it was as follows:

Captain Jeremiah Kraye
– Squire
– Minuteman
– Minuteman
– Reliant (proxied by a Menite Crusader)
– Stormclad
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
Cylena and the Nyss Hunters (max)
Rhupert Carvolo
Journeywoman Warcaster
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)

The plan against Bradigus is to move up the Nyss and threaten to shoot Shifting Stones to death (although, in reality, more likely to pump shots into those Wold Watchers since they’ll be Shield Guarding the Stones anyway!) until they can charge in and wreck some face. Having played it a few times now, I’m pretty sure I need to get more ARM-cracking capabilities into this list, and Ragman is looking like a good candidate (dropping the Journeywoman and nabbing Reinholdt to bring the points back up, I suspect). He can spread his Deathfield pretty far afield, and keeping him safe with so many Tough Nyss around shouldn’t be too cripplingly difficult… but that’s for another report! He’s not in the list for this game!

Kevin basically just swapped out his warlock… Makeda is fun, but I think Dominar Rasheth (who he switched to) is generally considered to be a stronger warlock… pretty solid defensive tech, great toolbox of spells… slow as hell, but we weren’t playing a Killbox scenario, so that’s okay too!

Kevin’s list with the modifications, was as follows:

Dominar Rasheth (“Fatty McButterpants, Baron Harkonen”)
– Mammoth
– Archidon
– Aptimus Marketh
Nihilators (max)
Praetorian Karax (max)
Praetorian Keltarii (max)
Extoller Soulward
Paingiver Beast Handlers (max)

Again, I’m missing a few points from his list, but this game was from about a month ago and my memory isn’t quite that good! Hopefully I’ll figure out any o the major stuff I’m missing as we go along! But it was fundamentally the same list as his last game, swapping pMakeda for ol’ Butterpants.

We played the same scenario (“Fire Support”, two 12×6″ zones and 2 objectives, 1 point to destroy an objective, control the enemy zone or dominate the friendly zone, and 2CP for dominating the enemy zone), but this time Kevin won the roll to go first. I liked the side of the table I was on, and so stayed there.


Kevin set his Mammoth slightly further to the right (my right) this time, with the three long lines of infantry streched out to my left. The Archidon went near the Mammoth, and Fatty went further back near the mid-line, along with his entourage.

As for me: Nyss Hunters in front of Stormblades opposite the Mammoth (yes, the AoEs would mulch my delicate elven infantry, but I figured they might screen the Stormblades long enough that they could get in and wreck the Mammoth), the Reliant went flanking far left, with Kraye (his Squire) and the Stormclad closer to the middle. The two Minutemen went more-or-less in the same places as last game: one in the middle, one to the left. I decided that putting Eiryss further from the Mammoth would be wiser (I have no idea why I put her so close last game!), and so she went to the far left as well.

With that, we were ready to get started!


Skorne, Turn 1

Kevin decided to try and get as much stuff down the field as possible, while keeping ol’ Fatty considerably safer this time. Wise… wise…
– The Archidon and Mammoth both Run forward. The Beast Handlers run into the forest behind and around them.
– The ranks of infantry run forward, with the Keltarii in front of the Nihilators and the Karax at the rear.
– Fatty waddled forward, but “Defender’s Ward” on himself, and ended his turn.
IMG_20141210_201507 IMG_20141210_201512

Cygnar, Turn 1

No real surprises, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t catch Fatty in the same trap as I caught Makeda (specifically; using a Minuteman to 2-hand-throw him towards my lines to be charged by something!). But I can still blunt him pretty heavily, I hope!
– Kraye pulls from his Squire, gives the Reliant 2 Focus, 3 to the left Minuteman, and we’re off!
– Nyss go first, moving up and doing a few CRAs into the Archidon (light, light damage… barely scratched) and killing a few Keltarii.
– Rhupert gives them “Tough”.
– Reliant moves up and takes a shot at the Keltarii… it scatters away from them, but does position itself in a good place (between me and him!).
– Stormclad gets a Free Focus from the Stormblades and runs forward.
– Stormblades run forward and spread out.
– The Journeywoman gives the Stormblades “Arcane Shield” and moves towards Kraye.
– Kraye moves up behind the wall and casts “Full Tilt” on the left Minuteman.
– That Minuteman walks forward (12″) and then Leaps, getting B2B with a couple Keltarii. It Flak Fields to kill 2, and then punches a Nihilator to death… sadly unable to reach any other models with its stumpy little arms and wasting (Marxing) 2 Focus.
– Eiryss moves up that flank as well but misses her shot (ah, Snake Eyes, how I loathe thee).
– I pull the other Minuteman back slightly, deciding to save him for a rainy day (since the other one is about to be wrecked). And that’s turn!

IMG_20141210_202841  IMG_20141210_202849 IMG_20141210_202853

Skorne, Turn 2

Still cautious, but Kevin was at least going to hurt some of my stuff this game, and that would be a vast improvement over the last one!
– Fatty pulls in Fury back to Maximum, and drops Defender’s Ward.
– The Keltarii go first, a few running forward to tie up my Nyss and Heavy Warjacks, and the rest pulling hard to the left. 1 runs to engage Eiryss, but ends up WAY out of Formation as a result.
– The Nihilators go next, charging the Minuteman in a semi-circlular formation. 5 attacks later and the Minuteman is on 5 boxes, with its Right Arm crippled.
– The Karax move up B2B with a bunch of Nihilators (to make them immune to Blast… clever!), with a few moving B2B with Keltarii. They Shield Wall.
– The Mammoth moves up and starts laying down a barrage of firepower, killing several Nyss (many of which fail their Tough checks). The Ancillary Attack kills 1 or 2 more.
– The Archidon runs forward towards my Reliant.
– Fatty moves up and uses his ability to Arc through the Archidon. He casts “Breath of Corruption” at Eiryss: it scatters away harmlessly. I forget about “Backlash” on Eiryss, Kevin forgets that Breath of Corruption can’t scatter as far away as it did: we’re both newbs.
– The Paingivers move up next to the Mammoth and clear off some of the Fury. And he’s done!

IMG_20141210_205259 IMG_20141210_205309 IMG_20141210_205304

Cygnar, Turn 2

Time to thin the lines a bit, my friends… and see if I can’t put the Fear of Morrow into that Mammoth!
– Kraye gives 2 Focus to the Stormclad, 3 to the Reliant, drops Full Tilt, and pulls from the Squire. The Journeywoman upkeeps Arcane Shield.
– Kraye goes first, moving forward. He pops his Feat and casts “Full Tilt” on the Stormclad. He then pumps a shot into a nearby Keltarii, hitting and killing him.
– The Journeywoman moves over and puts “Arcane Shield” on Kraye (since he’s in front of the wall and out of Focus).
– The Stormblades attempt to clear the Keltarii, but only get about half of those blocking the charge lane for my Stormclad.
– The Nyss shuffle around a little and clear out most of the nearby Keltarii, clearing the lane for the Stormclad.
– Rhupert gives the Nyss “Tough” again.
– The Stormclad gets its Free Focus and charges the Mammoth (also for free!). It needs most of its 17″ to get there, but get there he does… it burns through the entire stack and leaves the Mammoth uncrippled, but at about half health (some crappy damage rolls, but mostly average). The Electroleaps, notably, slay most of the Paingivers… the 1 remaining passes his CMD check.
– The Reliant charges the Archidon (forgetting its Impact Attack from Kraye, oh well). I boost to hit the charge attack (no crit), and then buy and boost another (no crit), and then buy its last attack (no crit). Damnation… what’s the point of Stationary if you can’t get a Crit! Anyway, the Archidon earns a bloody nose, but only its Mind is crippled.
– The damaged Minuteman moves B2B with the 2 Nihilators not protected by Karax, and Flak Fields them into dust. It then punches twice (once with a crippled arm) and misses both times.
– Eiryss moves away from the engaging Keltarii and shoots a Nihilator to death.
– My undamaged Minuteman shuffles forward a little, and that’s my turn!

IMG_20141210_210838 IMG_20141210_210842 IMG_20141210_210915 IMG_20141210_210911 IMG_20141210_210847

Skorne, Turn 3

Kevin has survived past Turn 2, and he still vastly outnumbers me… can he convert that into a stronger board position?
– Fatty pulls in back to Max Fury. Nothing to Upkeep, so we’re off!
– Fatty Arcs through a forward-line Karax: he targets Kraye with Blood Mark (NOOOOooo….). He hits! Damnation! I now have to be very, VERY careful about hitting Fatty really hard! He also manages to get “Carnivore” on the Karax due to one being relatively closeby.
– The few remaining Keltarii swing at a Nyss… and miss!
– The Nihilators spread out and are fainally able to destroy my Minuteman (took 3 attacks, though, so that made me happy!).
– The Karax get Charge Orders, with most going towards Nyss and a few heading towards the Reliant. A few attacks later and most of the Nyss have either been missed completely (they’re pretty high DEF, ya know), or Toughed.
– The Archidon goes to town on the Reliant… but isn’t able to drop the heavy. It does have a crippled gun and legs, though.
– The Mammoth gets buffed by the last Paingiver and crushes (CRUSHES) the Stormclad effortlessly.
– The Extoller moves over to give the Archidon an Ancillary Attack, but its out of range.

IMG_20141210_213000 IMG_20141210_213017 IMG_20141210_213011 IMG_20141210_213006

Cygnar, Turn 3

Well, let’s see how the Mammoth handles THIS!
– Kraye has nothing to upkeep, but gives 3 Focus to the Reliant. The Journeywoman upkeeps “Arcane Shield”.
– The Nyss move forward, with 2 getting to the Mammoth and the rest going after Karax. Flashing blades and bows later, and most of the Karax are very, very dead. I put a few boxes on the Mammoth as well.
– The Stormblades move forward towards the Mammoth threateningly.
– The Reliant hits the Archidon, boosting to hit… sadly, no critical. It does crush the warbeast, wasting 2 Focus (again) and leaving it in an unhappy position.
– Eiryss charges a couple Nihilators and kills 1. She’s also toe-in on the Minuteman Wreck.
– The other Minuteman moves forward and pumps 2 POW14 short range cannon shots into the Mammoth… doing remarkably well, actually. The Mammoth’s Body is crippled, and its down to its last handful of boxes!
– Kraye backs up over the wall and camps.
– Rhupert moves up and gives the Nyss “Tough” again. With that, I’d done!

IMG_20141210_214419 IMG_20141210_214431 IMG_20141210_214427

Skorne, Turn 4

Turns out that the Mammoth handled that pretty well. Hmmm. Not happy about that!
– Fatty pulls back up to max Fury, upkeeping both spells.
– The Nihilators move around and swing at Eiryss a few times: they miss.
– The Extoller takes a shot at Eiryss… he needs a 19 to hit (Eiryss is in Cover, with Camoflage, and Engaged). He elects not to boost and misses (no surprise), and kills a Nihilator.
– The Mammoth gets buffed from the Paingiver, and then tramples a bunch of Stormblades and a few Nyss, and then buys a few attacks after it lands. At the end, he kills 2 Nyss and 2 Stormblades… not a stellar 20 point activation.
– The remaining Skorne infantry swing at the Reliant, but fail to cripple anything additional (just the gun).

IMG_20141210_215523 IMG_20141210_215532 IMG_20141210_215530

Cygnar, Turn 4

Time to put this to bed, I think….
– Kraye gives 3 Focus to the Reliant, and 2 to the Minuteman. He pulls the last Focus from the Squire, and the Journeywoman upkeeps Arcane Shield again.
– Eiryss walks away from the swarms of Nihilators and puts 3 points of damage on Fatty.
– The Stormblades charge the Mammoth, easily and effortlessly taking it off the table. Fatty pulls in the Fury as it dies.
– The Nyss shuffle around and kill most of the Karax still blocking the charge lane between the Reliant and Fatty.
– The Minuteman moves up and pumps 2 shots into him, boosting damage (back up to 2d6) and again, doing a few points.
– Kraye moves forward and puts “Full Tilt” on the Reliant. He shoots another Karax dead.
– The Reliant walks up to Fatty, taking 1 Free Strike in the process… that misses! Phew! He starts beating on the fat man… the first blow does 10 points of damage and is transfered to Kraye. It takes both remaining Focus, but the last blow kills Rasheth thoroughly.

Victory for Cygnar!

IMG_20141210_220639 IMG_20141210_220703 IMG_20141210_220646

Post Game Analysis

Kevin unquestionably did better this time around! Which shouldn’t come as a surprise… you can only do so many “Gotcha”s before your opponent catches on (in this case: 1). That stated, Kevin still made some avoidable mistakes: the Mammoth should’ve shot instead of Trampled that one turn (especially without Arcane Shield on the Stormblades!), and he overextended his Archidon and was lucky I couldn’t wreck it in 1 turn. And taking a shot at a DEF2-million Eiryss… unwise.

That stated, the Minuteman on the left flank was a superstar, tying up Kevin’s Nihilators for 2-3 turns, and the threat range on Kraye’s warjacks is nothing less than spectacular. I have to remember, though, that Stormclads are not Bronzebacks, and shouldn’t be expected to kill a huge based model in 1 activation. Silly of me!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and more reports to come! Just… you know… not tomorrow. Next week, though!


9 thoughts on “Battle 044 – Cygnar vs Skorne, Kraye vs Rasheth: The Hare and the Fat, Overweight, Bloated, Evil Dude Carried by Turtles

  1. Definitely a harder fought game than last time. Well played. I actually think pMakeda is stronger than Rasheth outside of Chain Gang, maybe even as good as Rasheth in in Chain Gang, though discount Titans is really hard to turn down.

    She definitely needs the right build though, especially since she has no damage buff besides Enrage, which makes brick lists a challenge for her.

    • A better game, no question. Kevin is a fast learner!

      Whether pMakeda is “better” than Rasheth or not… I’m not a Skorne player, and I don’t see either of them in a competitive sense very often in Southern Ontario. Lots of Zaal, lots of Mordikaar, lots of Makeda3. Occasionally Fatty, and once eMorghoul (yes, eMorghoul). That’s about it.

      As a Cygnar player, I certainly dislike Rasheth and pXerxis the most (it can be really tough to break through that much ARM!), but that’s about it. Everyone else is managable at least!

      • Huh. I’m surprised you see lots of Makeda 3. I didn’t think most people liked her as much as I do. Not that she isn’t good. She’s very good. If Sunhammer got replaced by a halfway decent spell, she’d be top tier in Skorne, and if it got replaced by a first rate spell, she might actually be broken.

        What are people running with her?

      • Oh heavens, Glasskin… my memory isn’t THAT good. Uhhh.. Molik Karn, that much I remember… and Agonizers/Kreas (whichever one doesn’t allow you to use Focus/Fury). And Nihilators? Or maybe Swordsmen?

        Off hand, I honestly can’t remember. I just remember having to kill those stupid Guardians of hers, and her gaining ARM every time I do so (ARM19, I think?), and it being nearly impossible to kill ANYTHING close to her while those stupid little light warbeasts are around.

        I may have some light PTSD when it comes to playing against Skorne…

      • Ha! Fair enough!

        Sounds like pretty straightforward lists though. Molik, Basilisk Krea, Agonizer, some warm bodies to stand in front of the beasts, season to taste (probably with Titans).

        She certainly is very resistant to shooting with those Guardians of hers and Battle Driven (heck, she’s pretty freaking resistant to melee as well).

      • Also, I’m writing up a report of a game I played against a Khador “Ocean’s 18” list, that is, pSorscha and almost every character solo (or small unit) Khador can take, so I’m feeling especially sympathetic to the “and some other stuff” method of recording your opponent’s list right now.

      • Thanks, Glasskin! My own dang fault for not taking notes… although admittedly doing it this way really helps my memory!

        The dark pictures are the nail in that coffin, though… and proxies. I’m sympathetic towards players that need and use proxies, but man does it make it hard to remember what was what at the end of the day!

        Looking forward to your Ocean’s Infinite report!

  2. Thanks for the report, good read as always… Two things I noticed, at the start you said that Fatty cast defenders ward, but he doesn’t have that spell, so I’m not sure what you meant there. Second, Rasheth’s channeling only allows channeling through a warrior model, so he couldn’t have used the archidon like he did in turn 2.

    • Both accurate statements, and I’m pretty sure Kevin got it right (I saw him put “something” on Fatty, and for some reason thought it was Defender’s Ward. Obviously it was not!). This is one of the downsides of not taking notes!

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