Kingdom of Paintnar – The Power of Dynamo!

Have you recently purchased Cygnar’s newest character warjack but found yourself saying “Man, I would really love to learn how to paint him in a thoroughly mediocre fashion”?


Look no further, my friends… for within this post will be revealed all the secrets to allow you to paint Dynamo in a mostly-acceptable-but-not-awesome way!

As you can see from the first picture, I assembled and primed him in black. So far, so good.
Next, a quick dry brush of Cold Steel for all the metalic areas. This was followed swiftly by painting all the areas that will be gold with brown (in this case, “Bootstrap leather”, although in the future I think I’ll go with “Umbral Umber” instead… much darker!).

I actually really like the way this black-and-brown stage looks… I would happily put the model on the table at this point, even though it is barely 25% done!

Next comes the blues and whites… and touching up a few silver reas I missed earlier.

The attentive among you will notice that I missed the kneecaps… I eventually realized and corrected that oversight.

Next, we start the shading… blues and whites are both shaded in this next picture, which is as far as I’ve gotten at this point, but I hope to revisit him tonight and/or tomorrow to start polishing off the white highlights.

After the white highlights come the blue highlights, and then lastly the golds! After that, just gotta paint the base with a quick succession of browns, and this bad boy will be ready to rain lightning down on the enemies of the Swans!

Let’s all see if I can update this post before it goes live on Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “Kingdom of Paintnar – The Power of Dynamo!

  1. Nope! Didn’t get Dynamo out again before Wednesday… 😦

    Oh well! I’ll try to finish him up this week, post the final results next week! He is looking pretty sharp (for a model I painted), if I do say so myself!

    • Thanks Sjur! I’ve tried to get him finished a few times in the last couple days, but each time I look at the white I need to paint and then suddenly find something else I need to paint instead…

      By Morrow, I hate painting white…

      • Pick a different colour scheme then 😉 Although the blue and white does look good. I think he is coming along pretty nicely actually.

      • Aww, thanks Gorbad! The white base is already done… if I wanted to do it in a different colour, I’d have to redo quite a bit.

        Plus, white is the tertiary colour of my Cygnar (Blue, Gold, White). So I’m kinda stuck with it. Thankfully, it’s not too much!

  2. I did my Cygnar white and blue as well back when I had them in Mk I and it is a lovely colour scheme. And as you say, since the main colour isn’t white it’s not too much. Although I have made the choice not to paint my forthcoming Menoth army primarily white pretty much for that reason. And hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to hear about his exploits on the table? Really quite interested in hearing some actual battlefield stories with him.

    • Sadly, his table-time will be limited until after the OTC, probably (since I need practice with my “real” tournament lists, which sadly he is not a part of). That stated, I can’t wait to try him out… with either Nemo1 or Nemo3 he’s going to be downright impolite, but he’s going to be incredible with a wide range of Cygnar warcasters I really like (specifically Sloan, Kraye, and anyone with Snipe!).

      I sadly did my Menoth in white, and regret the decision. It takes FOREVER to make the models look acceptably finished…

      • That’s a shame, but I can understand wanting to practice with tournament lists. He would also (surprisingly…) be pretty good with eHaley. More speed, an extra shot and back strike on command is pretty awesome. But honestly I think he will work at least decently with pretty much everyone. You could always change one of your tournament pairs to Nemo3… :p

        I briefly considered doing a black Menoth scheme, then realised it would be almost as bad as white.

      • I used to happily run Nemo3 as a Tournament list (and did exceptionally well with him, actually, but mostly dark-horse). He’s one of my favourite warcasters… along with Nemo2, actually.

        I think Dynamo will likely get a lot of table time. There are remarkably few warcasters I *wouldn’t* run him with… eCaine, probably… uhhhh… Siege? Probably not Siege (he wouldn’t be *bad*, but a Defender would serve you better)… Darius (too squishy), maybe.

        Oh, and Constance. But she barely counts.

        I’ve seen some extremely striking black Menoth schemes, but it’s hard to make it look good, I agree.

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