Kingdom of Paintnar – Dynamo Complete!

So, a few weeks ago I reported on my status with Dynamo, Cygnar’s newest character warjack. I got him about half done… and last weekend, managed to get him finished!
First, here’s our hero when last we left him…

All of the base colours are done at this point, and I “just” have to do the highlights… and the golds, of course (that’s what all the brown is for)

I decided to start with the whites, and golds since they always freakin’ take the longest to do anyway…
IMG_20150124_182744 IMG_20150124_182807 IMG_20150124_182758

After that, it was time to get started on the electric blues and Cygnar Blue highlights!

IMG_20150124_230139 IMG_20150124_230124 IMG_20150124_230200 IMG_20150124_230213

Next I finish up the electric blues with highlights, and then (just because Dynamo is super-special) add a little more shading on the golds and some super-highlights on the electric blue… a little basing work, and he’s done!

IMG_20150125_140906 IMG_20150125_140927 IMG_20150125_140917

I’m very happy with how he turned out… just gotta seal him up and he’s off to the battlefield! Or, will be after the OTC when I can start playing around with new lists again!

Thanks for reading, and comments, questions, or suggestions on how to improve my brushwork are always appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Kingdom of Paintnar – Dynamo Complete!

  1. Looking good! The different colours of blue have come off really nicely and the white looks pretty good too. The only thing is that, at least in the pictures, the gold looks a little flat? Partly just because there are some big surfaces of it and metal is difficult to get right on large panels but I think if the ‘dent’ in the gold was shaded darker that would help a lot. Especially on areas like the but of his gun, the indent there could do with a dark wash.

    • I *think* it’s mostly the picture quality and lighting… the golds have browns in the deepest recesses, and a brown-wash for the majority of it to give as much contrast as possible without dulling the gold (too much). But I probably could do more…

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I will certainly try it out next time… for now, I just can’t wait to get him on the table!

    • Thanks, Seven! I’m really happy with how he turned out, overall.

      Next up… either Tactical Arcanist Corps, or one of the 3 warcasters I’ve had primed for a few weeks now. Decisions!

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