Proof We Sent Out Stuff to Winners!

A few months ago we ran a quick “thank you” giveaway for our listeners. Nick donated a Kaelyssa, Aaron some stunning artwork, and me two of Combo Smite’s very first branded swag!

Everything has now arrived in the hands of our lucky winners: First, SevenSins showing off his daughter’s new painting hat!
Combo Hat

Good use of the hat! And I have that exact set of paints for my terrain as well…

Moving right along, we have the other (much cooler!) prizes from the other hosts…

First, another look at Nick’s beautiful Kaelyssa, done up in the Reds of Khador…
IMG_4953 copy IMG_4952 copy IMG_4951 copy

And lastly, the piece de resistance… Aaron’s Venethrax! Savage has already put it in a place of honour near his painting table…

DSCN3582 DSCN3579 DSCN3583

It’s less yellow in person (an issue with the lighting!)… and every bit as awesome as it looks!

Stay tuned for our next giveaway contest! Maybe we can make Aaron pull out ALL his hair this time, instead of just MOST of it!

Edit: I forgot to mention, folks, but Aaron has mentioned that if anyone would like to commission work for him to do, he’s willing to consider it. You can see the result of his “free” efforts, so if you’d like to hire the man to draw something for you, drop us a line at ComboSmite (AT), and I’ll make sure it gets to Aaron and you can discuss payment/ideas with him directly. Carry on!


10 thoughts on “Proof We Sent Out Stuff to Winners!

    • I agree with all your statements, Bennep! Only problem is that it took Aaron like, a month, to finish that drawing… I’m not sure he’ll be willing to do something of the same magnitude in the future! But hey, who knows… he’s crazy enough to hang out with US, so anything is possible!

  1. “It reminds me of the old Realms of Chaos art work.”
    ^ Too true!

    Thanks again lads, particularly Aaron for pushing through with the ‘Thrax – complete with tentacles ;D

    • Super happy you like the results, Salvage! It’s always a risk for an artist who does this sort of work that the final result won’t be appreciated… I’m happy that Aaron’s sweat has reached a receptive audience!

  2. All of your words are kind. A appreciate them and collect them in my Compliment Jar that I use to to fuel my Art Battery. It’s an organ. Not everyone has one.

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