Super Bronzeback! To greenstuff and beyond! Pt1

So on the eve of Christmas, a fat jolly ol man brought me a gift. The gift of bronzeback! Now replace fat jolly ol man with skinny grumpy ol Marc and we got ourselves the beginning of a good story!

This being my third Bronzeback, I figured I’d do something cool with him. My fist idea was a kick punching pose Bronzeback with the tusks coming out of the knees. After a few weeks of mulling it over, I finally decided on a flying Bronzeback cuz why not?


I came to the realization that I was going to need to do a bunch of crafty modding after laying all the bronzeback pieces on the table to figure out the easiest way to do the pose. A job not really suitable for my 1337 E6000 rubber cement skills. So I headed to my LGS (The Games Chamber) and picked up a pack of this ‘Greenstuff’ I keep hearing people talking about.






Not liking how the arms turned out, I ripped them off! Let the greenstuffing begin!





Next stage is to polish up the body before the prime hits him.


One thought on “Super Bronzeback! To greenstuff and beyond! Pt1

  1. Hmm. Can’t seem to figure out why comments aren’t showing up for others… weird!

    Anyway! You called me skinny! This post can stay up, I guess… ^_^

    Good work, Kassem! Can’t wait to see you paint the flying monstrosity!

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