Help Nick Make Up His Mind 2015: A Poll!

So our beloved host Nick is having a spat of Faction A.D.D., and I thought it might be fun/educational to get our listener(s) to help out!

The poll will be active for a week… so let your voice be heard! Nick has promised to MOSTLY play the winning faction after the OTC ends in a few weeks.
As a bonus, you can also vote on what Marc should play in 2015, if you’d like!

Thanks folks! Looking forward to see what people would like played!


3 thoughts on “Help Nick Make Up His Mind 2015: A Poll!

  1. Coin buys you everything Nick, even in the IK!

    + you can’t say no to those beautiful colossals, can you? 😉

    Also lol @ Marc’s poll ^^
    It’s a hard Swan life!

    • Thanks Bennep! I’m torn between suggesting Mercs and Retribution for him myself… although Legion IS awfully cool, and I definitely need more practice against it…

      Hence why we asked you fine folks! Thanks for voting!

      (As for me: this year is all about the boys in blue… but I haven’t abandoned my Menoth… they merely slumber)

      • C’mon Marc, take the ADR Cygnarians to the top!
        As for Nick, I think you should keep at it with Legion. You’ve really got a good handle on the Mercs and Legion has a way of helping people to the top of competitive play – well, everyone but me.

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