Foam Core Buildings Build Video

One of our readers has done a great build video for one of the Foam Core building templates that I posted here last year.

Thanks to Alyssa for the great video. You can check out her YouTube channel here

The template being used was originally posted here



2 thoughts on “Foam Core Buildings Build Video

  1. Really great plans for these buildings you have here and the video to go with it is really helpful. I’ve been drawing up some plans for buildings of my own that I’ve been tinkering with for about a year now and you definitely gave me some ideas them here. As far as your plans go did you just draw them in a regular painting program? Also if I may ask how tall did you make the barricades around the roof on the top of the building. Your bridge idea was very similar to something I was thinking of doing but I think your bridge looks a lot cleaner than what I was envisioning.

    • Ah, whoops, sorry, I glossed over the part where it was a fan submitted video. :p That’s what I get for reading, better go thank then for the video directly. 🙂

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