Nick is Officially Locked In…

So the survey we were running to determine the Faction Nick will play in 2015 is now officially closed (well, *technically* it closed on Friday night, but whatever!).

And the winner is…
*drum roll*


Retribution! It was actually a surprisingly close race, with Retribution getting 36% of the final vote, and Mercenaries weighing in with 31%.

Nick has already expressed some concerns about taking Retribution to tournaments, but he says he will play Ret for the podcast games, and Mercenaries for most of the tournaments. If Retribution gets an awesome new warcaster in the next book, he may switch to full-time Retribution for the tournaments as well!


10 thoughts on “Nick is Officially Locked In…

    • You know, those little guys got us more page views than anything else until Nick did his “Terrain” tutorials (which to this day still account for about 30% of our weekly pageviews!).

      The man has a gift.

    • Mighty kind of ya, Bennep! I know Nick is looking forward to Mercsing up some tournaments… but we definitely get more traffic on our Retribution games, so I’m taking this as a good sign!

      Besides… I like playing against Retribution! I have more experience against them than any other Faction!

  1. OH come on now Rets not that bad for tournaments…. get in there and prove how well they can do nick dont be scared,

    • Hey, I agree with you! Nick just doesn’t have a 2nd warcaster that he feels comfortable pairing with eVyros. He’s tried Issyria a few times but doesn’t like her playstyle.

      I think he should use Ossyan (his range-heavy style pairs nicely with the usually melee focus of eVyros, and Nick is actually pretty good with him if he can reign in his bloodlust for a turn or two), but that’s just my opinion and I don’t play Retribution!

  2. I recommend Rahn as a eVyros pair. He can be built to cover eVyros’ weak matchups pretty well. He’s a fantastic assassin, and has good scenario game. His big problem is similar to Issyria’s (elves are fragile) but he has a lot more late game presence. It’s also fun to push opponents’ models around.

    • Solid suggestion! And a popular one, I’m told.

      To be honest, there are no particularly “bad” Retribution warcasters (Garryth comes close!)… the problem is that the Faction lacks Power Casters(tm). Sure, you have no Constance Blaizes or Sturgises, but also no eHaleys or Stryker2s… eVyros is the closest you’ve got, and he still has some remarkably bad matchups, many of which are very popular right now (Fist, Runes, Brad).

      I’m hoping for a solid S-tier caster for Retribution in the new release… and, of course, an S-tier Haley3 for Cygnar. ^_^

      • Personally, I think Ret’s ‘caster stable is alright. They’re missing a strong denial ‘caster who lets them really play the game they want. She wouldn’t have to be as good as eHaley, but a Feat similar to Old Witch with a couple of spells geared toward buying time so the army can get more shots off, and set up 2 alpha strikes, would be a significantly different beast from Ret’s other ‘casters, and give the faction a lot more depth in terms of asking tough questions in a ‘caster pairing.

        Of course I’ll be the last to complain if Ret gets a Haley2 level ‘caster. 🙂

      • A fair point… I like your comments about Ret needing a “buys time” warcaster. You could argue that Manticores can do that job, but so can Cyclones and nobody takes those any more (well, rarely at least… Cyclones on ATGM are still pretty okay, but Stormwalls are 75% better).

        My only concern is that if they get a truly S-tier warcaster that on the tournament scene you will lose all originality and diversity in the faction. At the tournament we went to yesterday, we saw Ossyan, Rahn, Kaelyssa, and eVyros in almost equal number (there were probably 4 or 5 Ret players out of 32)… suddenly it’ll be 95% eVyros and whoever the new caster is (my money is on eGarryth).

        Granted, most Factions suffer from that to some extent (Cygnar is the worst currently due to the utility of eHaley). So maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing? Dunno.

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