Podcast 100 – Delays (AGAIN)… Sorry Folks!

Hey guys and gals. This week’s podcast was *supposed* to be our big 100! The ol’ one-oh-oh! But t’was not to be.

Nick got all caught up with the WMW stuff, and Marc was distracted by the horrifying events of Friday, and our noble cohosts were off nobly cohosting other things… end result is that this week’s podcast will have to wait awhile.

We never had this problem in the 50s! Anyway, podcast will come “soon”… and hopefully it’ll be a good one! Not a typical batrep, most likely (although I did have a game against Kassem, my Haley3 against his Xerxis2… and he didn’t assassinate me Top of 2! So that’s a win, right?).

Thanks for your patience!


3 thoughts on “Podcast 100 – Delays (AGAIN)… Sorry Folks!

  1. I’m good with the delay as long as the 100th podcast is unbelievably spectacular !!!!!!

    Never set low expectations !!!!!


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