Ermaghad! More Derays!

Well, due to a combination of factors (including, but not limited to: pneumonia, Dragon Age: Inquisition, gallstones, Star Wars, and yorkshire pudding… in no particular order) we’re going to have to push back the podcast again.

Good news: we now have 2 batreps in the bank to report on, so as soon as I can get my noble brethren around a microphone we will not only get a few podcasts done, but a few for the holidays, hopefully!

So, again our apologies that you have to suffer through yet another Monday without us, but I promise we’ll be back soon! Thanks folks!


2 thoughts on “Ermaghad! More Derays!

    • Ha, thankfully not the case. Although I do recall now that due to the Apple yearly shutdown/freeze, our podcasts will go out but not on iTunes over the holidays (plus side: iTunes listeners will get several all at once!).

      I am really sorry about this. We were doing so well, with like 98 out of 100 podcasts up on time! Even that time when Nick had to record from the hospital! But things are settling down, and come the New Year I will have way more time and energy to devote to making sure Combo Smite maintains its status as the 2nd best WarMachine/Hordes Podcast on Earth!

      Thanks for your patience!

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