More Delays!

Sorry folks, no podcast this week either! Everyone is gearing up for the Southern Ontario Open!

Hopefully we’ll get a bunch done soon and “catch up”! Apologies, and hope to see all of you at the SOO!


3 thoughts on “More Delays!

  1. Uh oh…. Combo Smite is D-E-A-D!!!! Rule of three! Three days w/o water, three minutes w/o air…. Three weeks w/o a podcast!!!

    And u just bought the coffee mug!!!!!


    • Oh Gods! Run for the hills! Women, children, and Cygnar first!


      I promise we’re not dead yet. I’ve been jetting from one side of the continent (Vancouver) to the other (Boston) and am utterly wiped out (I got sick on the first flight and haven’t shaken it yet), but the SOO is this weekend and we have BIG PLANS for that!

      Your patience will be rewarded! Thanks to all our listeners for putting up with this slight speed-bump in our programming!

      • It’s all good, could not resist giving u guys a hard time!

        Keep up the good work!

        Tell us all the hidden secrets of MKIII!

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