Podcast 117 – Nothing To Do With Last Week’s Batrep, But Lots of Ret and Trolls!

Hello, gentlebeings! Nick, Darrell, and I sat around our respective microphones and recorded another hour of gleeful gushing about the upcoming Mk3… mostly focusing on Retribution (spoiler: Nick is super excited) and Trolls (spoiler: so is Darrell).


You can listen for yourself… right here! Talk about convenience…

Direct Download

For those who haven’t been following along at home (there is an AWFUL lot of spoilers), we’ve been using the following wonderful accumulation of spoilers:

Mk3 Spoiler Summary

But there are plenty out there… these guys do it by Faction, though, which is awesome!

Thanks for listening, and if you have anything you’re excited or fearful about, let us know in the comments!


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