Podcast 125 – Windsor Steamroller Tournament!

Did you guys know that we’re theoretically a Battle Report podcast?! I know, I know… I scarcely believe it myself. And yet, what do we have here?

An entire tournament worth of batreps! And a chance for Combo Smite (Nick, Kassem, Darrell, and I) to prove that we’re not total and complete scrubs?

A big thank you to RJ (from Team Canada) for inviting us down, to Nick and Paul from “CG Realms” in Windsor for hosting the event, and to all the players in the Windsor meta who gave us such a warm welcome and a day full of great gaming!

Direct Download

Next week, Nick and I are theoretically going to tackle the great Cryxian Empire in the next Faction review, and then we’ve only got Convergence left of the WarMachine side! Then probably a batrep or two, and on to the Hordes…

Quick note about the audio quality: Nick was at super-long distance and not using his usually awesome mic, so I had to adjust the levels to remove a massively annoying ringing sound (as best I could). As a result, he kinda sounds like he’s talking through a tube, but I assure you it’s a vast improvement over the unedited audio.

Thanks for listening! As always, we welcome all feedback!


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