Strategy Street 5!

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This weeks Strategy Street brought to you by Derp Flakes, a balanced daily breakfast! Also, pictures, with markings on them! Continue reading


Strategy Street Episode 4!

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This week I touch a touchy subject? And go over some general tournament strategy and questions.

It’s a little different and hope you guys enjoy it. Back to normal next week!

Strategy Street Episode 2!

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Episode 2 of Strategy Street for our listening pleasure! We visit last weeks game where I play Darrell and his fan made protectorate list!

Let me know if you like the classical twist.

Podcast 085 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Menoth (Severius1)

Time to try out some new stuff! Darrell wanted to test out his pSeverius gun line against Kassem’s Skorne, and Kassem was super excited to get the (still unreleased!) Sentinels on the table… who says you can’t proxy a good game!?


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Super Bronzeback! To greenstuff and beyond! Pt1

So on the eve of Christmas, a fat jolly ol man brought me a gift. The gift of bronzeback! Now replace fat jolly ol man with skinny grumpy ol Marc and we got ourselves the beginning of a good story!

This being my third Bronzeback, I figured I’d do something cool with him. My fist idea was a kick punching pose Bronzeback with the tusks coming out of the knees. After a few weeks of mulling it over, I finally decided on a flying Bronzeback cuz why not?


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