Podcast 131 – Circle Orboros Full Faction Review

And we are done Circle! Four and a half hours of podcasting pleasure for you to peruse when possible!


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Podcast 112 – Ontario Team Championship – Combo Smite Team 2 Too!

So we recorded the 2nd half of our OTC podcast this week, running through the games played by the Combo Smite Team 2 group, captained by Todd! Big thanks to Todd and Darrell for comin’ out to talk shop and run through their battles!


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Podcast 108 – CaptainCon Wrap Up

Hello fine WarmaHorders! Or possibly HordeMachiners… both! Hi. How was your Valentine’s day? Would you all care for a little love from the world’s 2nd best WarMachine and Hordes podcast? Of course you would.


As promised, here is our wrap up episode from CaptainCon, including 6 games I (Marc) played, the 5 games Todd played, and the… one… game that Nick played.

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Tournament Video – Game Chamber 50 pt ADR Steamroller

Store Wars might be done for this year but there are still loads of tournaments around.  This weekend Marc ran a small event in our own local London FLGS, The Game Chamber.  It was a 50 pt Steamroller and players using ADR casters could take advantage of the 20pts of specialists as if this were a Master’s event.

I love the concept of ADR and my only complaint about the format is that nobody uses it since its only in the Master’s packet.


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Tournament 014 – Store Wars 4 – Cygnar vs Everyone! Again!

Finally starting to catch up on all the tournaments I’ve been to… this one occurred back in March the week before the Ontario Team Championships, but I was finally freed from the oppression of my own awful list!
IMG_20150228_114939 copy

Well, *mostly* freed… turns out I’m not exactly super-awesome at making on-the-spot tournament lists either… but we’ll get to that, friends… we’ll get to that!
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Podcast 069 – Cygnar vs Circle, eHaley vs eMorvahna: Valuable Lessons in Punching Goats

Many valuable lessons in today’s game as we smash two titanic warcasters, and their corresponding giant constructs, into each other!


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Podcast 066 – Circle vs Khador – eMorvhana vs Vlad1 – I’m on a Goat!

This was my last battle with Khador for a while not counting Adepticon. After that sweaty weekend I foresee being completely sick of Khador, if not all of Warmachine, and also the horror of meeting new people and being nice to them instead of pointing out their various physical flaws.

deployment khador
(Marc: I sincerely hope Aaron sticks with WarMachine post-Adepticon… he’s definitely the soul of our podcast! Or possibly the spleen… almost as important! Some weird audio issues with the podcast this week… hopefully all corrected, but the recording is a bit below our usual quality as a result. Sounds kinda “washed out”. Anyway, I’ll see about fixing it later, but for now, hopefully you can enjoy it anyway!)

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Podcast 055 – What? How is ‘podcast’ underlined in red?

Seriously. Facebook is so entrenched in our vernacular that the program recognizes it as a word yet typing podcast deeply confuses it. This is why I have no fear of the Matrix ever happening. If a simple blog – blog also isn’t recognized, by the way – gets perplexed by words that have been around for years then there is no conceivable way towers of human batteries are in our future.

It just occurred to me now that every time a person got pregnant, the robots would have to build a new pod for that person to go into or at least have a vacant one for the new person to occupy. Because birthrates outweigh death rates, the robots would have to keep building new ones. I’m sure that would get really aggravating for the robot management. They’d be like, “Man, these humans would be a lot less of a strain on our raw materials and construction if they could just stop fucking.”

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Tournament 006 – Game Summit Masters – Nick’s Adventure with Mercs.

A couple weeks(*) ago Marc and I made our way to Ottawa to compete in our first Master’s event. I’ve been lazy writing it up but finally here are some Batreps!!
(*Marc: It’s been a couple months now, and Nick hasn’t finished this… so I’ve stepped in to give a quick overview of his games from an outsider’s perspective. You’re welcome, Internet. You’re welcome)IMG_4614 copy

I have been playing my Mercenaries for the past few months so it was natural that I would be taking them to this event. I debated my list choices for a while and settled on my 3 favourite Mercs casters, Gorten MACBAIN and Damiano. Continue reading