Podcast 124 – Khador Megasode!

It’s about time we got around to talking about every single model in Khador. Yes, even that one.
Actually, technically we don’t discuss Malakov2 again. We’ve already talked about that dude way more than he deserves.

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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – The Dragon #1

More footage from a tournament I was not able to attend.  Thanks to Marc for bringing his camera so the rest of us can enjoy some watchmachine.


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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Forbes Hobbies #1

Last weekend Marc, Kassem and I ventured out to Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario for the latest event in the 2015 Store Wars circuit.


We will probably talk about our results briefly on the next episode of Combo Smite but suffice it to say it did not go well for my Blighted forces.

We took video of a game from each of the event’s 4 rounds.

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Tournament Video – Game Chamber 35pt Steamroller

Last Sunday (Feb 8) Marc held a small 35pt Steamroller in our local game store in London, The Game Chamber.

Much to my chagrin (I hate 35pt games) I attended and also took some footage of the some of the match ups at the event.

Round 1 Legion (pThagrosh) Vs Khador (pSorcha) 

Round 2 Retribution (Ossyan) Vs Mercenaries (Bartolo)

Round 3 Skorne (eMorgul) Vs Retribution (eVyros) 

Tournament 006 – Game Summit Masters – Nick’s Adventure with Mercs.

A couple weeks(*) ago Marc and I made our way to Ottawa to compete in our first Master’s event. I’ve been lazy writing it up but finally here are some Batreps!!
(*Marc: It’s been a couple months now, and Nick hasn’t finished this… so I’ve stepped in to give a quick overview of his games from an outsider’s perspective. You’re welcome, Internet. You’re welcome)IMG_4614 copy

I have been playing my Mercenaries for the past few months so it was natural that I would be taking them to this event. I debated my list choices for a while and settled on my 3 favourite Mercs casters, Gorten MACBAIN and Damiano. Continue reading

Podcast 051 – Anniversary Podcast! Highlander Format 3-Way Battle, and Giveaway Contest: Our Birthday, We Give You Presents!

So for our Anniversary Podcast report, we tossed around a few ideas: a large 3 way battle, a small round-robin tournament between the hosts, even the possibility of doing a repeat battle from Podcast 001, Ossyan vs Nemo3. But in the end, we decided to go full-jenk and do a Highlander Battle.


Nick invented a modified scenario for us to battle over, and we stumbled into a few hiccups, but it was still a great game… and surprisingly educational! Plus, with all three of us playing, there’s 3 times the usual levels of bickering! Who would want to miss that?

Also! Contest announcement! Details at the beginning of the podcast and the end of the write-up!

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The Journey of a Thousand Leagues Begins with Beginner Journeyman Leagues

Are you awed by that title? I’m so proud of it that I may actually burst.
Today I ran a Demo Day at “Just by Chance Games” in Waterloo. Alicia, who owns/works at the store, helped me get set up, and I showed up with the above models, ready to teach! Simultaneously, we also started a Journeyman League for all the eager players who were ready to dip their toes into WarMachine!
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Podcast 026 – eSkarre vs eSorscha – “The Bane Riders stats are Fucking Awful!” – Adam

In continuing with preparation for the Southern Ontario Open, another 35 pt game. People will skin their knees and worse probably. A drink or two will be spilled. Someone might fall off a bike. I don’t know. I was there but I don’t quite remember what happened. I’m sure Marc will fix this. My brain can’t work… good… right now.
(Marc: Oh boy… if you’re expecting ME to fix this, we are all in deep trouble…)


(Marc: This week’s podcast was between the undead swarms of Adam against the Imperialist Khador led by Aaron. Adam has been something of an unstoppable juggernaut these last few months… some close matches, certainly, but would Aaron be able to finally break that streak? Listen in and find out!)

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Podcast 003 – Retribution Vs. Khador, Garryth Vs. eSorscha

This week for the Podcast we are showcasing a battle between my forces of the Retribution of Scyrah and Aaron’s forces of the Khadoran Empire.

Battle 003-019

Check it out on itunes here: or listen below. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/combo-smite-podcasts/id758450891

We played 50pts single list this week. The reason I wanted to do 1 list is that I have never played Garryth before and I had brought a Garryth list as my second list for a few weeks in a row and, after I saw my opponents list I always found a reason to go with my other list. This week I decided I wanted to finally give Garryth a try so i locked myself in with him.
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