Podcast 130 – Legion Full Faction Episode!

Phew! A whole lot of Everblight on today’s podcast… 5 hours all about the blighted brethren of the blasted dragon!


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Podcast 129 – 3-Man Team Tournament

This week we have another set of battle reports for you to check out, fresh off the tournament-circuit… and we recruited the help of one of the Four New Gamers, Rob!


Great event, and for a solid cause… good luck at the WTC, Team Canada! And for our listeners, and opportunity to listen to a bunch of battles and learn some valuable lessons!

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Podcast 108 – CaptainCon Wrap Up

Hello fine WarmaHorders! Or possibly HordeMachiners… both! Hi. How was your Valentine’s day? Would you all care for a little love from the world’s 2nd best WarMachine and Hordes podcast? Of course you would.


As promised, here is our wrap up episode from CaptainCon, including 6 games I (Marc) played, the 5 games Todd played, and the… one… game that Nick played.

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Tournament Video – World Ender Qualifier #4 The Game Chamber

World ender

This past weekend another tournament was held at The Game Chamber.  This was a qualifier for the World Ender Invitational being organized by Party Foul.  It was a great event and we were there to take some video Footage.


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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Store-Wars-Season-2-v2Marc and I were present for the Second tournament in the Store Wars circuit at Hobby Kingdom which also happened to be the last tournament in the Store Wars circuit for 2015.

I set a goal for myself to qualify for the 16 man invitational this year that I have failed to meet.  Unfortunately, life happens and I didn’t make it out for as many events as I’d hoped I would. Marc still has a good chance to make it though. Especially with his impressive 3-1 finish at his event. Continue reading

Tournament 013 – Store Wars Part 3 – Cygnar vs Everyone!

So this is a set of short battle reports from a month or so ago… I learned at Store Wars Number 2 that my picture-taking was costing me games (I was Death Clocked 2 times by merely a few seconds, about the time it takes me to pull out my phone and snap some shots every turn!). So rather than full blow-by-blows, these will be shorter synopsi of what happened. I hope you find them educational and entertaining!IMG_20150221_142830 copy

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Podcast 049 – Legion Vs. Trolls – eAbsylonia Vs. Jarl – Confer My Ass!!

This week my blossoming Legion forces are matched up the equally fresh Troll army of Darrell who is also starting a new faction.IMG_4730 copy

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Podcast 045 – Tournament 006 – Game Summit Masters – Marc’s Results w/ Menoth

So last weekend was the Game Summit Masters in Ottawa. A fantastic time sandwiched between two brutally long drives… but totally worth it!

DSC_0105 copy

Due to the length of the trip and the exhaustion involved, and because of some game cancellations this week, we decided to do the trip as our Podcast game this week… so come, gather round friends, and listen to a tale of two novice WarMachine players in the distant north!

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Battle 013 – Quick 15pt Games for Charsaug: Menoth vs Legion

So last week, before the tournament (which is going live in a few hours now… should be up before I finish this!), Ozzie and I got together for a few quick games. Originally, I was hoping to get some practice in for the tournament, but Ozzie’s back had been injured earlier in the day (something to do with moving air conditioners out of a truck) and he wasn’t up for anything long or complicated. So instead, we played a pair of 15 point games pitting Legion against the Protectorate for our part in the Charsaug League!
10 - GthS0Vx

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Battle 007 – 35pt Legion vs Menoth, Absylonia vs Harbinger

On Thursday, Ozzie and I were able to get in a quick 35 point game. As I continue to struggle with painting all my Menoth (THERE’S JUST SO MUCH OF IT!), I was forced to do something I hate doing…

Proxying… ugh…

But! But. Have to learn the ropes, and this is a good way to do it for now. Ozzie brought out his two lists: an Absylonia list with an Arch-Angel, and a eThargrosh list with lots of beasts. For my part, I was still running my 2 favourite (and only, thus far) warcasters in Menoth… the Harbinger, and eFeora. Both are running ‘jack heavy, since I still don’t have a single unit assembled aside from my Choir.

We rolled for scenario and received “Into the Breach” (a flag and a zone and 2 objectives… 1 CP for destroying the enemy objective or dominating the flag, 1 for controlling the zone, and 2 for dominating the zone). We selected our warcasters/warlocks… and it was to be Ozzie’s Arch-Angel against my Crusader-spam! This… was going to be interesting!
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