Podcast 138 – Legion Tournament List Discussion

We’re trying something new and exciting for this week (and a few other weeks coming up, due to Nick heading off to beautiful New Zealand for a month!). We’re going to focus very specifically on a list pairing in Legion, discussing why Nick built the lists he did first, and then come back after a local tournament to find out how he did!
It’s a new format, and I think it worked out really well… but let us know what you think!

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Podcast 130 – Legion Full Faction Episode!

Phew! A whole lot of Everblight on today’s podcast… 5 hours all about the blighted brethren of the blasted dragon!


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Podcast 129 – 3-Man Team Tournament

This week we have another set of battle reports for you to check out, fresh off the tournament-circuit… and we recruited the help of one of the Four New Gamers, Rob!


Great event, and for a solid cause… good luck at the WTC, Team Canada! And for our listeners, and opportunity to listen to a bunch of battles and learn some valuable lessons!

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Podcast 125 – Windsor Steamroller Tournament!

Did you guys know that we’re theoretically a Battle Report podcast?! I know, I know… I scarcely believe it myself. And yet, what do we have here?

An entire tournament worth of batreps! And a chance for Combo Smite (Nick, Kassem, Darrell, and I) to prove that we’re not total and complete scrubs?

A big thank you to RJ (from Team Canada) for inviting us down, to Nick and Paul from “CG Realms” in Windsor for hosting the event, and to all the players in the Windsor meta who gave us such a warm welcome and a day full of great gaming!

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Podcast 111 – Ontario Team Championships Wrap Up – Arcane Assisted!

It’s that time of year again, folks… the Ontario Team Championships have come and gone. Nick and I managed to rope the two hosts of Arcane Assist into helping out with one of our teams this year, and it was an incredibly fun time!

A big thank you to Matt and Tim for helping out, both with the team and with this week’s podcast!

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Podcast 081: Cygnar (Siege) vs Legion (Lylyth3) – Can’t Teach a Huge Warcaster New Tricks

Nick, having done quite well with Lylyth2 and Thags2 but still needing practice with them, did what any rational player would do: Completely change up his warcasters and lists, obviously!

June 3rd 079

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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Last weekend I made the trip down to Hamilton Ontario to play in another Store Wars qualifier tournament. One of the goals I set for myself this year was to make it in to the Store Wars invitational and one of the most important aspects for Store Wars is attendance.

I brought my Legion this time with 2 casters I have only played a few times, (Vayl1 and Lylyth3) not to be competitive but to get some good practice games in with casters I want to learn more about. I ended up going 1-2 plus a bye in the second round. I felt pretty good about my performance in general but I didn’t feel like either of my lists were good for the Legion mirror match.

This is also the first time I’ve been featured on the camera so you can enjoy watching me take on Chris Orr’s Vayl2 in the first round.

Rd1 Legion (Lylyth3) Vs Legion (Vayl2)

Rd2 Circle (Kreuger2) Vs Khador (Zerkova)

Rd3 Skorne (Xerxis2) Vs Circle (Kreuger1)

Rd4 Khador (Vlad1) Vs Cygnar (Siege)

Tournament 007 – Nick’s Legion Spread the Good Blight at the Hobby Kingdom Day of Valour 56 –

The Combo Smite Crew including Myself, Marc, Aaron, Kassem and Darrell made our way down to Burlington Ontario this weekend(*) to attend.
IMG_4882 copy

(*Marc: Please note that when Nick says “This Weekend”, he means many months ago now… he’s been busy, and so I have taken it upon myself to finish up these half-done reports, knowing more-or-less what happened to Nick over the course of the day. I apologize for the vagueness of the reports, but Nick takes beautiful pictures and played really, really well at this tournament, and I figure we can all learn something from his experiences! I will let you know when I take over in earnest, but for now, back to Nick’s preamble!)
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Tournament 011 – Ontario Team Championships – Team Combo Smite and Charlie’s Angels REPRESENT

Well, to be completely honest, this was mostly Charlie’s Angels representing… but Combo Smite went! And we did okay!


Of course, you’ve probably watched the videos Nick posted already… and if you haven’t, ya should!… but now you can listen to Nick and me talking with two of the best WarMachine players in North America about the event!

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A huge thank you to both Marc-Andre (I don’t know how to get the accent on that “e”, sorry!) LeBlanc and Chandler Davidson for hanging out with us and talking shop!

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Tournament 010 – Store Wars, Results with Legion, Mercs, Cygnar, and Legion (again) – Arcane Assisted!

Don’t have time for my Full Writeup(tm) which will drop later this week, but I wanted to post the awesome podcast we recorded with the brilliant gentlemen from Arcane Assist. If you’re not listening to them, you probably should… and not only because they spent 20 minutes answering all my silly questions on their last podcast!


Matt and Tim are official Privateer Press Judges (and man, do they know their stuff!), and also the brilliant and enthusiastic minds behind the Southern Ontario Open, our first official Southern Ontairo WarMachine convention. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet… go do that! That link will take you straight to the store page… couldn’t be simpler!

This podcast we discuss all of our results from the 2nd Store War tournament this year, held at Black Knight Games in Hamilton. I had a great time, and all things considered, did pretty well! Give ‘er a listen, let me know what ya think!

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Thanks for listening! Full write up, as well as several other posts, coming later this week!