Podcast 130 – Legion Full Faction Episode!

Phew! A whole lot of Everblight on today’s podcast… 5 hours all about the blighted brethren of the blasted dragon!


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Podcast 108 – CaptainCon Wrap Up

Hello fine WarmaHorders! Or possibly HordeMachiners… both! Hi. How was your Valentine’s day? Would you all care for a little love from the world’s 2nd best WarMachine and Hordes podcast? Of course you would.


As promised, here is our wrap up episode from CaptainCon, including 6 games I (Marc) played, the 5 games Todd played, and the… one… game that Nick played.

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Podcast 095 – Devastation Discussion!

Thanks for your patience, folks! Adam was locked in a family dinner until late last night and as a result we didn’t finish recording until midnight… finished the editing a few moments ago, and therefore… here ya are!

(and an hour earlier than projected! Go me!)

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Tournament 017 – Store Wars Qualifier: Marc’s Results with Cygnar

As mentioned on this week’s podcast (gosh, I hope I get these written up by the end of the week now!), Nick and I attended the final Store Wars qualifying event at the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington on Saturday.

July 26 Podcast 086 139

You’ve heard the podcast… now you can see the battles and read the blow-by-blow(ish) of the games! Excitement! Danger! Adventure! Really interesting applications of Saeryn’s Grievous Wounds!

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Podcast 087 – AdamBatRep 004 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Legion (pSaeryn)- “A Battle to Remember. “

Today’s match up is between, actually its in the title you lazy reader.  It won’t be an easy match up, there’s a lot I should be worried about.  Soul denial is rampant in Legion since it’s so beast heavy and the fact that soulless is a thing. Saeryn’s feat is somewhat insane. Not sure how that one managed to slip through the cracks. Probably the same quality control that brought you Haley2 and Denny2.  I guess by the time eSkarre came along they fired that person, because as I mentioned her feat is like eSkarre on crack!  So I have a tough game ahead of me, most likely filled with adventure, heated skirmishes, and intense battles. Strap yourself in for the ride of a life time!

IMG_20150729_192529 (Large) copy

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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Store-Wars-Season-2-v2Marc and I were present for the Second tournament in the Store Wars circuit at Hobby Kingdom which also happened to be the last tournament in the Store Wars circuit for 2015.

I set a goal for myself to qualify for the 16 man invitational this year that I have failed to meet.  Unfortunately, life happens and I didn’t make it out for as many events as I’d hoped I would. Marc still has a good chance to make it though. Especially with his impressive 3-1 finish at his event. Continue reading

Podcast 086 – Tournament 017 – Marc and Nick Go To Store Wars

This week’s battle report podcast is about the results of Nick and my trip to the final Store Wars qualifier event…

July 26 Podcast 086 073
I did sorta-okay! Nick did less-okay but learned a lot! And by listening, you guys can learn a lot too!

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Full written battle reports will follow later this week (hopefully Thursday!), but for now, enjoy the podcast! And keep your fingers crossed that I manage to make it into the Top 16!

Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Phoenix Rising #2

I hope everybody is enjoying our new Video Battle Reports.

However, I still want keep providing as much tournament footage from the local meta as we can get.

I haven’t been able to make to many tournaments lately.  Thankfully Marc was able to make it to the Phoenix Rising in St Catherine’s, Ontario for the latest Store Wars tourney.  Unfortunately, my chances of qualifying are getting pretty slim these days.
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Battle 024 – Menoth vs Legion, pSeverius vs Saeryn: POW15 Grenades to the Rescue!

Many of you will remember my good friend Ozzie (real name “Nick”, but since he shares that particular name with MoFaux/Nick, we’re forced to stick with Ozzie), who plays Circle, Legion, and Retribution. In the few months that Ozzie’s been playing WarMachine, he’s basically bought 3 entire Factions and has been improving in leaps and bounds. Our first handful of games were cakewalks for me, but these days he wins as often as he loses and gives me a good run for my money at the worst of times!

Ozzie had taken some time off playing WarMachine (basically since the last time I played him!) to deal with some “Real Life” issues. He’s going to be moving to distant, frosty Barrie (north of Toronto and about as frosty as Montana), so our time together is more finite. All the more reason to get more games in!
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