Podcast 129 – 3-Man Team Tournament

This week we have another set of battle reports for you to check out, fresh off the tournament-circuit… and we recruited the help of one of the Four New Gamers, Rob!


Great event, and for a solid cause… good luck at the WTC, Team Canada! And for our listeners, and opportunity to listen to a bunch of battles and learn some valuable lessons!

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Podcast 121 – Menoth Megasode!

Yet again, Nick and I sat down for 4 hours to discuss a Faction… this time we dragged Darrell and his Menoth loving butt into the ‘cast as well!

Got four hours to listen to a sermon all about the God of Man? I mean, since the alternative is being burned to a crisp, I’d vote “Yes”, but it is your choice after all…

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The Path to Mediocrity: It’s All in the Numbers



     Well, it’s been a long time dear readers.  Suffice to say that life with two small children and a wife that keeps breaking parts of her body makes life pretty busy.  However, I’m back as mediocre as ever and ready to thrill you with another resounding tale.  This time I’d like to go over my results of the past year, what I’ve learned (I think) and how I plan to use what I’ve learned (supposedly) to improve my play in the coming year.

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Tournament Video – Ontario Team Championship

Last weekend the Combo Smite crew headed down to Burlington, Ontario to compete in Canada’s first WTC style team tournament, the Ontario Team Championship.OTC The event was run by Scott Talarico from Party Foul and a huge thanks go out to him and all his volunteers for putting on such an huge and successful Warmachine event. Team Combo Smite consisted of: Marc (Cygnar), Nick (legion), Kassem (Skorne), Adam (Cryx) and Darrell (Menoth). We made a good showing and our team went 3-1 and took 5th place. Most importantly we brought the camera down with us to record some games. Continue reading

Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Forbes Hobbies #1

Last weekend Marc, Kassem and I ventured out to Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario for the latest event in the 2015 Store Wars circuit.


We will probably talk about our results briefly on the next episode of Combo Smite but suffice it to say it did not go well for my Blighted forces.

We took video of a game from each of the event’s 4 rounds.

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Podcast 064 – Aaron vs Darrell, Khador (eIrusk) vs Menoth (Kreoss3), Rumble at the Bottom of the Barrel



Not to be overshadowed by the Smogcon gargantuan preview videos, your friends here at Combo Smite are proud to bring you another battle report!  The new gargantuans range from a giant pokémon for Circle to a spiky fleshlight for Legion so you can choose whatever flavour you wish.

IMG_20150218_194533 copy

(Marc: Also, I think Darrell is being a little hard on himself… I would say “Rumble NEAR the Bottom of the Barrell” at worst… and who is Sasha Grey?)

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Podcast 059 – Legion (Thagrosh2) Vs. Menoth (Kreoss3) – Manifest This!

This week Nick was matched up against Darrell and his Menoth.  We are both practicing with our OTC lists.
IMG_5108 copy

Come listen to Nick forget his name (hey, it IS 4 letters long, and he’s only been using it for about 30 years…) and us discuss whether Fire of Salvation or Kreoss himself is a better choice for destroying Scytheans!

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The Journey of a Thousand Leagues Begins with Beginner Journeyman Leagues

Are you awed by that title? I’m so proud of it that I may actually burst.
Today I ran a Demo Day at “Just by Chance Games” in Waterloo. Alicia, who owns/works at the store, helped me get set up, and I showed up with the above models, ready to teach! Simultaneously, we also started a Journeyman League for all the eager players who were ready to dip their toes into WarMachine!
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Podcast 043 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Fiona Vs. Kreoss3: The Truncated Charge of the Exemplar Brigade

You guys are probably getting sick of hearing about my games all the time but once again this week I am matched up against Darrell and his Menoth.
(Marc: This is partially my fault, and partially Gaven’s fault… I had to stay home and take care of a sick girlfriend, and Gaven’s wife just autogenerated his first child, a daughter… so we had to go with our fall-back game, Nick and Darrell. Sorry!
Also, turns out Nick can’t spell “Kreoss”. I apologize for all the typos in the report… I corrected it in the Title, but the rest of it is Nick’s responsibility!)
IMG_4401 copy

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The Quest for Mediocrity: Going Hardcore


     So as I’ve stated before, I’m working on getting my two 50 point Protectorate lists painted up.  If I can manage it between work, the wife and kids it will be the first time I’ll have fielded a fully painted force since I started WarmaHordes.

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