Podcast 147 – Skorne Tournament Analysis!

Okay folks, last week for this batch of tournament analysis epsidoes… Saturday we’re all off to the Ontario Team Championships, and then Sunday we’re going to talk about it! I hope!

Until then… why not a little more Kassem, discussing his Skorne tactics for a tournament we had a few weeks back?

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Podcast 125 – Windsor Steamroller Tournament!

Did you guys know that we’re theoretically a Battle Report podcast?! I know, I know… I scarcely believe it myself. And yet, what do we have here?

An entire tournament worth of batreps! And a chance for Combo Smite (Nick, Kassem, Darrell, and I) to prove that we’re not total and complete scrubs?

A big thank you to RJ (from Team Canada) for inviting us down, to Nick and Paul from “CG Realms” in Windsor for hosting the event, and to all the players in the Windsor meta who gave us such a warm welcome and a day full of great gaming!

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Podcast 121 – Menoth Megasode!

Yet again, Nick and I sat down for 4 hours to discuss a Faction… this time we dragged Darrell and his Menoth loving butt into the ‘cast as well!

Got four hours to listen to a sermon all about the God of Man? I mean, since the alternative is being burned to a crisp, I’d vote “Yes”, but it is your choice after all…

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Battle Report 094 – Cygnar (Haley3) vs Menoth (eSeverius) – High DEF Ain’t So Bad.

Finally an opportunity to get Haley3 on the podcast! Sweet! I love Haley3!

And Darrell has a chance to try out his eSevy list… who is way better than I gave him credit for back when I was playing Menoth last year.

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Podcast 085 – Skorne (Hexeris2) Vs. Menoth (Severius1)

Time to try out some new stuff! Darrell wanted to test out his pSeverius gun line against Kassem’s Skorne, and Kassem was super excited to get the (still unreleased!) Sentinels on the table… who says you can’t proxy a good game!?


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Tournament 010 – Store Wars 2 – Marc’s Experience with Cygnar

Aww yeah. It feels good to be writing battle reports again… between life and work, I’ve had precious little time remaining for the important things: talking about glorious victories and ignoble defeats!

IMG_20150131_111507 copy

This set of 4 battle reports are from late January (yeah, I’m a little behind!) and will cover my results at the 2nd Store Wars tournament which happened at Black Knight Games in Hamilton.

We’ve already done the podcast for this (WEEKS ago), but if you’d like a more detailed blow-by-blow… read on!
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Tournament 010 – Store Wars, Results with Legion, Mercs, Cygnar, and Legion (again) – Arcane Assisted!

Don’t have time for my Full Writeup(tm) which will drop later this week, but I wanted to post the awesome podcast we recorded with the brilliant gentlemen from Arcane Assist. If you’re not listening to them, you probably should… and not only because they spent 20 minutes answering all my silly questions on their last podcast!


Matt and Tim are official Privateer Press Judges (and man, do they know their stuff!), and also the brilliant and enthusiastic minds behind the Southern Ontario Open, our first official Southern Ontairo WarMachine convention. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet… go do that! That link will take you straight to the store page… couldn’t be simpler!

This podcast we discuss all of our results from the 2nd Store War tournament this year, held at Black Knight Games in Hamilton. I had a great time, and all things considered, did pretty well! Give ‘er a listen, let me know what ya think!

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Thanks for listening! Full write up, as well as several other posts, coming later this week!

Podcast 044 – Menoth vs Skorne, pSeverius vs pMorghoul: My Own Little Maginot Line

This week saw my noble forces of the Protectorate once again grappling with Kassem’s Skorne. Could my ranks of spear-and-halberd weild extremists hold back the crush of muscle, sinew, and steel arrayed against my fragile warcaster?
My heart says no… but my Judicator? She says we’re gonna make a go of it!

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Podcast 035 – Menoth vs Cryx, pSeverius vs Gaspy3: Simply Outgasped

This week’s game it was my turn to throw myself in front of the speeding Mac truck that is Adam and his nigh-unstoppable Cryx…

Also in this week’s podcast, I manage to almost keep my bitching about Cryx to a minimum (almost), Adam slowly warms up to Cryxian cavalry, Aaron politely mutes his microphone for potentially nefarious reasons, and Nick manages to keep us moving along at a healthy clip!

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Battle 028 – Menoth vs Legion, pSeverius vs Bethayne: Why Need Skill When You Have Luck?!

This week’s upcoming Podcast is between Aaron’s forces of Khador and Todd’s Circle army… which freed me up to challenge our local Legion player, Darrell! I’m also looking for more practice against Legion, since they’re a powerful Faction that I know woefully little about.

For example, I didn’t even know Bethayne existed until last night…


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