Strategy Street Episode 2!

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Episode 2 of Strategy Street for our listening pleasure! We visit last weeks game where I play Darrell and his fan made protectorate list!

Let me know if you like the classical twist.


Podcast 121 – Menoth Megasode!

Yet again, Nick and I sat down for 4 hours to discuss a Faction… this time we dragged Darrell and his Menoth loving butt into the ‘cast as well!

Got four hours to listen to a sermon all about the God of Man? I mean, since the alternative is being burned to a crisp, I’d vote “Yes”, but it is your choice after all…

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Battle 031 – Menoth vs Skorne, Thyra vs Makeda3: Grievous Insults

Nick and Todd were tangling for this week’s podcast game, which left me free to challenge our resident Skorne expert (Skornist? Skornologist?), Kassem! I love playing against Skorne, both because Kassem tends to employ off-the-wall tactics and lists, and because they’re so different from the other Factions!
As you can see, I’ve finally managed to get Thyra on the table! As for Kassem, he was happy to put Makeda3 on the table with a list consisting of a battlegroup… and Beast Handlers.

And that’s it…
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