Podcast 132 – Troll Full Faction Review!

Hey. You got plenty of water? A few snacks? Perhaps some emergency rations?

‘Cause this one is almost 6 HOURS long. Yeah. We went there.

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Big thank you to Darrell for helping out for the first hour and a half! We really appreciate! And do let us know what you think we got right/wrong!


Podcast 125 – Windsor Steamroller Tournament!

Did you guys know that we’re theoretically a Battle Report podcast?! I know, I know… I scarcely believe it myself. And yet, what do we have here?

An entire tournament worth of batreps! And a chance for Combo Smite (Nick, Kassem, Darrell, and I) to prove that we’re not total and complete scrubs?

A big thank you to RJ (from Team Canada) for inviting us down, to Nick and Paul from “CG Realms” in Windsor for hosting the event, and to all the players in the Windsor meta who gave us such a warm welcome and a day full of great gaming!

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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – The Dragon #1

More footage from a tournament I was not able to attend.  Thanks to Marc for bringing his camera so the rest of us can enjoy some watchmachine.


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Tournament 005 – Meeplemart 50pt. SR – Nick’s Mercs Results

On Saturday Marc and I made the trek into Toronto to attend a 50pt Steamroller event at Meeplemart. Meeple has to be the nicest gaming store I have ever seen. Tons of stock, large play area with comfortable leather chairs and lots of very passable terrain.IMG_4424 copy

I was bringing my Mercs with a couple lists that I am practicing with for the Game Summit Masters tournament that we are attending next week.  The lists I brought were: Continue reading

Podcast 027 – Menoth vs Trolls, pKreoss vs Borka: Weaponmaster Mosh Pit…

For the first time ever on Combo Smite, we managed to get a game against Trolls! Woo!


Todd, a recent addition to our local weekly game nights and a Press Ganger for the London Area (“Gingerstein” on the PP Forums), is a Retribution and Circle player by choice, but he’s dabbled in several other factions… and for this week, he decided to try out Trolls for the first time! Sweet! I jumped on the opportunity to play against trolls… I was trying out two new warcasters in Menoth, and out of all the Factions, I have the *least* practice against Trollbloods, and I suspect that they’re one of the hardest match ups for Protectorate, and the only way to get better against a Faction? Practice!

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