Strategy Street 5!

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Battle Report Podcast 088: eVyros (Not-Darrell) vs Amon Ad-Raza (Not-Todd) – How much jack would a warjack jack if a warjack could jack jack?

eVyrosVsAmonHello again wonderful readers!  We’ve got something different for you this time around.  We’ve been doing a lot of tournament battle reports, serious list reflection and a lot of competitive play.  For this report then we decided that we needed some serious stress relief, and what better way to relieve stress than with a jack off?  Wait a minute, that didn’t come out right…

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Throw Momma from the Terrain 03- “Insert Desert Pun Here”

Nothing warms the heart like a barren wasteland. Although sometimes the beauty of a desolate landscape needs the occasional special touch.  If you agree, then lets spice up your desert gaming board with some appropriate terrain.  From the visionary who brought you “Throw Momma from the Terrain : 01-02”  comes an epic post on Sandstone, dry brushing, and…..that’s actually it. Just those two things. Wait, I do some washing and basing as well. Or do I? I guess you’ll have to read and find out.


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Throw Momma from the Terrain 02 – Snow Job

Wow, you’re actually back to read another one of these tasty little terrain write ups.  Or maybe you didn’t catch the other one? A beautiful expose on how to make autumn terrain come to life. You should check it out because I’m telling ya, there’s lots of over arching plot points and continuity with these terrain posts.  You may get lost in the story if you start on post #2 sheesh!

Why am I even here? Oh ya, snow terrain!  Attempting to get close to my goal of owning various terrain of all different landscapes I decided to finally start a few winter pieces.  There’s a TON of ways to do snow and I’m sure they all look like snow. For the pieces I worked on I went with a technique that I feel gives a thicker, sometimes wetter looking snow effect.  Not all my winter terrain will share that look but for these rocks I really thought it fit.
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Tournament 010 – Store Wars 2 – Marc’s Experience with Cygnar

Aww yeah. It feels good to be writing battle reports again… between life and work, I’ve had precious little time remaining for the important things: talking about glorious victories and ignoble defeats!

IMG_20150131_111507 copy

This set of 4 battle reports are from late January (yeah, I’m a little behind!) and will cover my results at the 2nd Store Wars tournament which happened at Black Knight Games in Hamilton.

We’ve already done the podcast for this (WEEKS ago), but if you’d like a more detailed blow-by-blow… read on!
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Super Bronzeback! To greenstuff and beyond! Pt1

So on the eve of Christmas, a fat jolly ol man brought me a gift. The gift of bronzeback! Now replace fat jolly ol man with skinny grumpy ol Marc and we got ourselves the beginning of a good story!

This being my third Bronzeback, I figured I’d do something cool with him. My fist idea was a kick punching pose Bronzeback with the tusks coming out of the knees. After a few weeks of mulling it over, I finally decided on a flying Bronzeback cuz why not?


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