Strategy Street 5!

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This weeks Strategy Street brought to you by Derp Flakes, a balanced daily breakfast! Also, pictures, with markings on them! Continue reading


Strategy Street Episode 3!

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This week I answer a couple of submitted questions on top of talking about my match vs Todd.


Super Bronzeback! To greenstuff and beyond! Pt1

So on the eve of Christmas, a fat jolly ol man brought me a gift. The gift of bronzeback! Now replace fat jolly ol man with skinny grumpy ol Marc and we got ourselves the beginning of a good story!

This being my third Bronzeback, I figured I’d do something cool with him. My fist idea was a kick punching pose Bronzeback with the tusks coming out of the knees. After a few weeks of mulling it over, I finally decided on a flying Bronzeback cuz why not?


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On the Subject of Pain(t)

So since – I don’t know… the spring? – I’ve been working on the Skorne colossal, the Mammoth. If any of you out there are considering playing or already play Skorne and have thoughts of picking up the Mammoth, may I suggest these very simple steps for painting it: 1) immediately regret it. 2) cry. 3) more regret. It’s not that the model is bad or poorly sculpted, in this particular instance I offered to paint the model; one which I could not actually play as it’s a different faction. The owner of said Mammoth, the infamous Kassem, even offered to pay for the paint which I would use but I refused; a decision I would later realise was the only thing that would have kept me in the green.

I liken painting the Mammoth to offering to take a cursed monkey’s hand off a friend: they would obviously agree but when they try to explain the curse, you dismiss them waving your hand saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what a cursed monkey’s hand is.” But oh no. No you don’t. Not yet.


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