Strategy Street Episode 3!

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This week I answer a couple of submitted questions on top of talking about my match vs Todd.



Is this… the internet?

It’s been so long since I’ve emerged from under the cozy rock of reality that I’ve been living under for the better part of this year. Periodically, I would peer out into the light to catch Marc’s sympathetic gaze nearly enticing me back to the fold before Nick’s violent, harsh, scathing chastising would send me hurling back down towards the dark. But can I lay some truth on y’all? Y’all’s been winning too much and you need a loser in your midst to bring the median down to acceptable levels or whatever.

Before you go pooping your collective pants with thoughts of telling me how wrong I am with opinions of Khadoran tactics or list production or what game we’re suppose to be playing let me say that my return to WM is a veritable toe to frigid waters at best. BUT…

… to encourage said return thus facilitating a raging hard-on in Marc’s camp, let me drop a gift for a lucky, amazing person who’s been devoted enough to grace us with their presence during our Twitch streams: a one-of-a-kind portrait of their favourite caster/solo. Sure we’ll have to figure out a raffle system but isn’t this the age of technology and integration? I’m confident that in the next few days wires will drape out of my skull to some sort of battery pack feeding information to the NSA about Pokemon thus allowing the Clintons to capture them all and welcome a new age of slavery and sorcery. In addition to that stay tuned in the next few weeks for a meticulously crafted winter board complete with custom control zones, objectives and terrain!

We’re Here! We’re Reading! It’s Yay!

Okay, so just a quick update: the Combo Smite team is currently trying to absorb the new rules and models and all the joy as quickly as we can (Nick, I believe, is already done, that super-keener, but I’ve only gotten to Page 60).

We’re also talking about switching up the Combo Smite “release” day… we might switch to Wednesdays or Thursdays, we might not, it’s hard to say. But all things will be figured out soon, and a brand new episode will be out soon and then we’ll be back on a regular schedule!


Battle Report 103: eThagrosh vs eMadrak 50 pts. Runes? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Runes.

eThagsVSeMadrakWelcome dear readers to another Combo Smite battle report.  This week we’ve got Nick’s Legion of Everblight up against Darrell’s Trollbloods.  Additionally Darrell and Nick had a talk before the game and Darrell agreed to not drop Runes of War!  Why, do you ask?  Well, Runes has been on the podcast several times, on the video battle reports several times and quite frankly Darrell is sick of playing Runes of War despite it being the proper drop in his current list pairing.  So in the interest of umm, making things interesting we’ve got eThagrosh vs eMadrak in an eBattle of the eTitans!

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The Quest for Mediocrity: A New Beginning


     As it’s already been spoiled, I’ve managed to pry the athanc from my chest and escape Everblight’s control.  This has coincided with less than stellar tabletop performance upon my return to the Protectorate.  Likely Menoth is none too pleased with my actions whilst under the influence of a dragon and is punishing me accordingly.  While I intend to play and paint my Protectorate forces until I’ve got (at least) two painted 50 point armies for Steamroller, I’ve still got an athanc sized hole in my chest when it comes to playing an army on the Hordes side of the game.

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The Quest for Mediocrity: I am a Special Unique Snowflake

Special snowflake is special

In the Protectorate, it snows fire.

Greetings all!  I’m back to regale you with more tales of my epic adventures in failure.  Well, actually I plan on discussing with you some of the more eccentric aspects of my list building and play-style; why I choose some of the unconventional units that I do and why I favour some of the “lower tier casters”.

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