Podcast 087 – AdamBatRep 004 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Legion (pSaeryn)- “A Battle to Remember. “

Today’s match up is between, actually its in the title you lazy reader.  It won’t be an easy match up, there’s a lot I should be worried about.  Soul denial is rampant in Legion since it’s so beast heavy and the fact that soulless is a thing. Saeryn’s feat is somewhat insane. Not sure how that one managed to slip through the cracks. Probably the same quality control that brought you Haley2 and Denny2.  I guess by the time eSkarre came along they fired that person, because as I mentioned her feat is like eSkarre on crack!  So I have a tough game ahead of me, most likely filled with adventure, heated skirmishes, and intense battles. Strap yourself in for the ride of a life time!

IMG_20150729_192529 (Large) copy

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Podcast 078 – AdamBatRep 002 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Khador (Butcher3) – Silly Aaron, Cryx are for Kids!

Welcome back to my second batrep in an ongoing series I like to call, ‘your tears are delicious’.  This weeks game brought me face to face (I had to crouch a bit) with Aaron.


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Podcast 061 – The Adam O Invitational Tournament: Khador, Legion, and Cygnar!

So last week I finally finished my write up for the Adam O Invitational… and we decided to do a podcast on Aaron and Nick’s results!


Come listen to us discuss playing against Bradigus (2 of the 3 hosts had to play Gaven testing out his Bradigus list!), find out how my noble cohosts did, and learn Aaron’s newest ability in real life!

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Podcast 053 – Khador vs Trollbloods, for Kith, Kriel and Khador?

Greetings all!  Yet another battle report coming your way from the Combo Smite crew.  This one has nothing to do with tournaments or competitive play but is more entertaining than any of the Rocky movies – except perhaps the one with Bullwinkle.


     This battle report features Old Witch vs pMadrak in a no holds barred fight to the finish is a horrid example of elder abuse.  For this report, in a classic role reversal Aaron will be playing the part of the old maid and I (Darrell) will be playing the part of the unruly combative drunkard.

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Battle 016 – Retribution V.s Cryx – Kaelyssa Vs. eSkarre

This week I was matched up against Adam and his Cryx army.  We both brought 2 lists we are testing for an upcoming tournament.  We ended up chosing Kaelyssa and Epic Skarre.


Can I find a way to overcome the shambling hordes of Cryx. Will Kaelyssa die by the thousand papercuts of backlashing Satyxis.  Will Skarre get knocked down and drug out by a momentum cannon shot. Stay tuned to find out! Continue reading

Podcast 021 – Menoth vs Cryx – Not Even A Little Fair…

This week’s podcast saw my forces of the Protectorate tangling with Adam’s Cryx once again. Last time this happened, I made a couple major blunders in the late game and lost the Harbinger to a couple boosted Venom shots… but before that point the game was definitely going in my favour. I was committed to not making the same mistake in this game… so instead, I made a bunch of brand new ones!

IMG_20140408_190450The scenario we were playing was Outflank (two 12″ diameter zones on the mid-line, 1 point for controlling and 2 for dominating), and I managed to win the Initiative (which is a happy, happy day for the Harbinger!). Give the battle a listen here or on iTunes, and let me know what you think!

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Adepticon 2014!

We three hosts of Combo Smite went to Adepticon this past weekend… and we recorded a quick 30 minute podcast after we got back (tired, sore, over-fed and happy!).
(Note the look of extreme concentration on Nick’s face as he extremely concentrates! And the snazzy Combo Smite baseball jerseys we were rockin’!)

You can listen to it here, or on iTunes, as is your leisure…

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Podcast 016 – Khador vs Retribution, Vlad3 vs Issyria: Retribution is Magical…

This week on the podcast we are reporting on a battle between my Retribution forces and Aaron’s Khador.DSC02853

Remember that if you listen to us on iTunes, please take a moment to put up a rating, since we are but a small and humble podcast and need listeners like you to help us on our goal of world conquest through WarMachine battle report podcasts!

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I told Aaron upfront that I was definitely going to be taking Issyria. I also knew I wanted to try out Destors because of the Issyria challenge thread on the Ret forums. I also had just happened to finish my epic My Little Pony Destors conversion so they were definitely going to be in my list the rest I still had to figure out. I went with: Continue reading

Battle 010 – Menoth vs Circle, Harbinger vs eBaldur: Burning Stones

For my game this week, I was lucky enough to be paired off with our resident Circle player, Gaven. Thus far, Gaven is the only member of our plucky band of WarMachinists who is still a purist… he plays Circle, and only Circle. There’s a lot to be said for that kind of dedication!

He’s also in 2nd place in our local totem, having to his credit 5 wins and 2 losses… a perfect counterpoint to my 2 wins and 5 losses so far! Would the gap between us continue to grow, or would the force of the Protectorate stand triumphant over the burning husks of the Circle?

Only one way to find out!

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Podcast 015 – Menoth vs Legion, Harbinger vs eLylyth. Welcome to CS, Ozzie!

So for the podcast report this week, I figured it was about time to get my friend Ozzie on the air… Ozzie was the first person I ever played WarMachine with out of our local group of friends (Nick, Aaron, Adam, Kassem, and Gaven)… he basically sent me an e-mail on the PP Forums one day saying that he lived and gamed around Kitchener, and would I like to have a game sometime. We set it up, he was a neat guy, and we’ve been playing pretty consistently since then!

Ozzie started out playing Retribution, and has recently switched over to Legion, which works fine by me (I play a LOT of Retribution these days… Nick and Kassem both play him, plus most of the random games I get in these days seem to be against pointy-eared maniacs), since nobody else plays Legion and I need practice against them!

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here, or on iTunes… and you can now download the podcast straight to your own computer for leisurely listening at your… leisure.

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