Podcast 087 – AdamBatRep 004 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Legion (pSaeryn)- “A Battle to Remember. “

Today’s match up is between, actually its in the title you lazy reader.  It won’t be an easy match up, there’s a lot I should be worried about.  Soul denial is rampant in Legion since it’s so beast heavy and the fact that soulless is a thing. Saeryn’s feat is somewhat insane. Not sure how that one managed to slip through the cracks. Probably the same quality control that brought you Haley2 and Denny2.  I guess by the time eSkarre came along they fired that person, because as I mentioned her feat is like eSkarre on crack!  So I have a tough game ahead of me, most likely filled with adventure, heated skirmishes, and intense battles. Strap yourself in for the ride of a life time!

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Podcast 082 – AdamBatRep 003 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Ret (Thyron) –”Sword of Lies!”

Welcome back fan, and mom. Thank you for reading. Playing againts Ret today. I can’t say I’m happy to see them back in our meta after Nick threw them to the curb, but I’m not overly scared either. Any gun line is scary for Cryx ,and Ret, well, they shoot in their sleep. Lucky (or maybe unlucky) for me Todd is playing a melee heavy jack spam.
Podcast 082 011

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Podcast 078 – AdamBatRep 002 – Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Khador (Butcher3) – Silly Aaron, Cryx are for Kids!

Welcome back to my second batrep in an ongoing series I like to call, ‘your tears are delicious’.  This weeks game brought me face to face (I had to crouch a bit) with Aaron.


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Podcast 053 – Khador vs Trollbloods, for Kith, Kriel and Khador?

Greetings all!  Yet another battle report coming your way from the Combo Smite crew.  This one has nothing to do with tournaments or competitive play but is more entertaining than any of the Rocky movies – except perhaps the one with Bullwinkle.


     This battle report features Old Witch vs pMadrak in a no holds barred fight to the finish is a horrid example of elder abuse.  For this report, in a classic role reversal Aaron will be playing the part of the old maid and I (Darrell) will be playing the part of the unruly combative drunkard.

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Podcast 041 – Ret Vs. Cryx – Ossyan Vs. eSkarre – Return of Retribution

This week on the Podcast I dusted off my Retribution for the first time in a few months and was matched-up against Adam and his Cryx.
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Battle 007 – 35pt Legion vs Menoth, Absylonia vs Harbinger

On Thursday, Ozzie and I were able to get in a quick 35 point game. As I continue to struggle with painting all my Menoth (THERE’S JUST SO MUCH OF IT!), I was forced to do something I hate doing…

Proxying… ugh…

But! But. Have to learn the ropes, and this is a good way to do it for now. Ozzie brought out his two lists: an Absylonia list with an Arch-Angel, and a eThargrosh list with lots of beasts. For my part, I was still running my 2 favourite (and only, thus far) warcasters in Menoth… the Harbinger, and eFeora. Both are running ‘jack heavy, since I still don’t have a single unit assembled aside from my Choir.

We rolled for scenario and received “Into the Breach” (a flag and a zone and 2 objectives… 1 CP for destroying the enemy objective or dominating the flag, 1 for controlling the zone, and 2 for dominating the zone). We selected our warcasters/warlocks… and it was to be Ozzie’s Arch-Angel against my Crusader-spam! This… was going to be interesting!
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Battle 006 – Two 50pt Games with Menoth vs Legion

On Sunday, I met up with Ozzie, a friend and regular opponent of mine… this time our armies clashed at Cambridge’s “Forbes Games” (shameless-plug-in-hopes-of-kickbacks!).

Ozzie previously has played Retribution, has collected a respectable Circle army, and has now jumped ship to the soulless and evil Legion. Since he’s only been playing since September 2013, this is a remarkably chain of armies… especially considering how MANY models he has for each… but he’s great fun to play against, and on top of that he takes awesome pictures. I look forward to getting him on the podcast before too long!

Anyway, until then, you can read about 2 more games I played with Menoth, trying to bring the light of the Creater of Man to the mutant elven-heathens of Everblight. And by “light”, I mean “fires”.

Game 1

We decided on a 50pt game, but since my collection of Menites is still very limited, I told Ozzie that I’d be unable to create 2 unique lists (it would basically be every model I owned, with 2 different warcasters!). He created a single Legion list to play against me, and we were off.

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Battle 005 – 2 Battle Reports, Retribution Vs. Menoth

This week I met up with Marc to play a couple of 25pt games in lieu of 1 bigger game.  He wanted to try out his shiney new Menoth stuff and I’m always down for a game.

For our first game he brought his Harbinger heavy spam tier list and I brought eVyros and as many griffons as I could fit in a 25 point list. So many in fact that I didn’t have enough griffons to represent them all.

His list was:

Min Choir
Avatar of Menoth

My list was:

*Griffon x 7
Arcanist x 2

Marc won the die roll and chose 1st turn. The scenario ,since we were just playing 25 pt games, was just a 12″ circle in the middle of the board. 1pt to control 2 to dominate.  In retrospect we could have just played Supply and Demand but we played this so whatever.

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Podcast 013 – Well, Sometimes You Forget Stuff and Lose Games.

This weeks Warmachine battle sees the likes of the cold-hearted Khadoran juggernaut charge slowly toward the equally slow but probably less chilly goliath that is Skorne. My opponent Kassem and I decided on a 50pt two list format using 10 minute turns with one 5 minute overage per game. The scenario we played was Fire Support: two flags, one friendly objective a piece (artillery models within 4″ gain boost damage rolls) and Killbox.

Two apologies regarding the audio for this week’s podcast:
1. We somehow managed to lose about 5 minutes of recording. I blame Marc.
2. The audio quality for the first minute or so is sub-standard. It improves right after Nick puts up his hand to talk about news and announcements, though, so I blame Nick.

Kassem’s list was as follows:

– Tiberion
– Molik Karn
– Titan Gladiator
– Archidon
– Aptimus Marketh
Nihilators (full)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)
Mort. Will Breaker
Void Spirit
Tyrant Commander (Tycomm)

My list went a little something like this. Actually it went exactly like this:

– War Dog
– Behemoth
– Kodiak
Great Bears
Assualt Kommandos (full)
Iron Fang Kovnik
Doom Reavers
– Greylord Escort
Yuri the Axe
Manhunters (x2)

We rolled for turns and had to do two roll-offs which I eventually won and chose to go second. By the way, whenever I say ‘roll-off’ I think of that TLC show Little People, Big World about that family of midgets. Sorry, that’s not PC. I think they prefer to be called Ugnaughts.


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Tournament Battle 001 – Nick’s Quest for Retribution

This weekend the Combo Smite team played in our first official Steamroller tournament.  The tournament took place last weekend at a local game store in London, The Game Chamber. (PLUG!!)  It was a 35pt Steamroller 3 list required and during list selection your opponent vetoes one of your lists and you get to pick from the remaining two.

As this was my first tournament I was not very on the ball with taking photos every turn but hopefully its enough to get the gist of the games.

I brought Ravyn, eVyros and Ossyan as my 3 lists.

Max HG Riflemen + UA
HG Thane

Min Sentinels + UA
Destor Thane

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max HG Riflemen + UA
Stormfall Archers
Aiyanna + Holt

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