Painting For Hire – Steelhead Cavalry and Vanguards

I’ve been working on lots of different stuff lately across all my factions.IMG_20150215_003225 copy

I buckled down this weekend and finished off a bunch of my Mercs models. Continue reading


Tournament 006 – Game Summit Masters – Nick’s Adventure with Mercs.

A couple weeks(*) ago Marc and I made our way to Ottawa to compete in our first Master’s event. I’ve been lazy writing it up but finally here are some Batreps!!
(*Marc: It’s been a couple months now, and Nick hasn’t finished this… so I’ve stepped in to give a quick overview of his games from an outsider’s perspective. You’re welcome, Internet. You’re welcome)IMG_4614 copy

I have been playing my Mercenaries for the past few months so it was natural that I would be taking them to this event. I debated my list choices for a while and settled on my 3 favourite Mercs casters, Gorten MACBAIN and Damiano. Continue reading

Tournament 005 – Meeplemart 50pt. SR – Nick’s Mercs Results

On Saturday Marc and I made the trek into Toronto to attend a 50pt Steamroller event at Meeplemart. Meeple has to be the nicest gaming store I have ever seen. Tons of stock, large play area with comfortable leather chairs and lots of very passable terrain.IMG_4424 copy

I was bringing my Mercs with a couple lists that I am practicing with for the Game Summit Masters tournament that we are attending next week.  The lists I brought were: Continue reading

Video 002 – Game Chamber Tournament

Footage of the games from Marc’s tournament at the Game Chamber have been edited and are now available on YouTube.

We only got footage of Rounds 1 to 3 due to finite capacity memory cards.  So no finals table.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the games and remember to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for our upcoming Video Battle Reports and more Tournament Coverage.

Round 1 – Convergence Vs. Menoth

Round 2 – Mercenaries Vs. Trollbloods

Round 3 – Cryx Vs. Skorne

Check them out and gives us some feedback on what you’d like to see in our Video Battle Reports.


Battle 035 – Mercs Vs. Circle – MACBAIN!!! Vs. eKrueger – Ride the Lightning

Last week I was practicing list for the 50pt Steamroller Tourney at the Game chamber. The battle reports for the tournament have already gone up but I thought I would post this battle report anyway.IMG_4151

I was matched up this week against Gaven and his Circle. Continue reading

Battle 034 – Tournament Battle Report – Game Chamber – Nick’s Mercs Run Rampant

We had a tournament at out local gaming store The Game Chamber.  I brought my Mercs out in full force and had a great day of gaming.IMG_4257

It was a great day of gaming and I’m writing up full battle reports of all four of the games I played.  Enjoy!

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