Strategy Street Episode 4!

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This week I touch a touchy subject? And go over some general tournament strategy and questions.

It’s a little different and hope you guys enjoy it. Back to normal next week!


Podcast 148 – Ontario Team Championships 2017

Ah, the annual OTC. A great time for WarMachine, and a wonderful opportunity to record a metric crap-tonne of battle reports! This episode Nick and I talk about our battles, and we’re planning on getting the rest of the team in a later episode!


For our American listeners, conversion from metric crap-tonnes to Imperial crap-tonnes is approximately 1.47.

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Podcast 112 – Ontario Team Championship – Combo Smite Team 2 Too!

So we recorded the 2nd half of our OTC podcast this week, running through the games played by the Combo Smite Team 2 group, captained by Todd! Big thanks to Todd and Darrell for comin’ out to talk shop and run through their battles!


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Podcast 111 – Ontario Team Championships Wrap Up – Arcane Assisted!

It’s that time of year again, folks… the Ontario Team Championships have come and gone. Nick and I managed to rope the two hosts of Arcane Assist into helping out with one of our teams this year, and it was an incredibly fun time!

A big thank you to Matt and Tim for helping out, both with the team and with this week’s podcast!

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Podcast 107 – Ontario Team Championship Analysis: Studying Is Fun!

Combo Smite has 2 full teams attending the Ontario Team Championships, a local version of the World Team Championships. This year, 24 teams from Ontario, Quebec, and the Northeastern United States will be attending the event, and the hosts have collected and tabulated the lists. This week, we’re going to dive into the numbers and talk a bit about the WarMachine and Hordes meta!

Link to the Party Foul numbers themselves! Just as a head’s up, after recording we studied a few of the lists, and there seems to be some errors (Nick found at least 3 pXerxis “Fist of Halaak” tiers, for example, and Marc found at least 1 eVyros tier), but we’re still very grateful that they crunched the numbers as much as they did!

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Tournament 011 – Ontario Team Championships – Team Combo Smite and Charlie’s Angels REPRESENT

Well, to be completely honest, this was mostly Charlie’s Angels representing… but Combo Smite went! And we did okay!


Of course, you’ve probably watched the videos Nick posted already… and if you haven’t, ya should!… but now you can listen to Nick and me talking with two of the best WarMachine players in North America about the event!

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A huge thank you to both Marc-Andre (I don’t know how to get the accent on that “e”, sorry!) LeBlanc and Chandler Davidson for hanging out with us and talking shop!

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Tournament Video – Ontario Team Championship

Last weekend the Combo Smite crew headed down to Burlington, Ontario to compete in Canada’s first WTC style team tournament, the Ontario Team Championship.OTC The event was run by Scott Talarico from Party Foul and a huge thanks go out to him and all his volunteers for putting on such an huge and successful Warmachine event. Team Combo Smite consisted of: Marc (Cygnar), Nick (legion), Kassem (Skorne), Adam (Cryx) and Darrell (Menoth). We made a good showing and our team went 3-1 and took 5th place. Most importantly we brought the camera down with us to record some games. Continue reading