Podcast 145 – Retribution Tournament Analysis!

What a time to be alive, folks. Kassem is recording his own podcasts, discussing lists and strategy for Skorne, and I’m absolutely fascinated to hear how it turns out… but in the meantime, we still have our regular Combo Smite episodes!

This week, we jump into a full analysis of Nick’s recent tournament results with Retribution and the two lists he brought to the table. Some really weird time-warp going on here, with News and Announcements and New Zealand and all sorts of stuff, but hopefully everyone enjoys it!

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Podcast 120 – Retribution of Scyrah Review, Slightly Delayed

Hey folks! Good news, bad news… good news is that Nick and I spent 4 hours today recording a complete Retribroken of Scyrah review, just like we did for Cygnar! Yay!


Bad news is that my recording software decided that it was simply TOO AWESOME to ever be released, and completely crapped out without any indication. Since this is the 2nd podcast we’ve lost in 4 attempts, old software is gone and I’m going to be using some new program from now on. Or programme. Whichever.
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Podcast 117 – Nothing To Do With Last Week’s Batrep, But Lots of Ret and Trolls!

Hello, gentlebeings! Nick, Darrell, and I sat around our respective microphones and recorded another hour of gleeful gushing about the upcoming Mk3… mostly focusing on Retribution (spoiler: Nick is super excited) and Trolls (spoiler: so is Darrell).


You can listen for yourself… right here! Talk about convenience…

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Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Store-Wars-Season-2-v2Marc and I were present for the Second tournament in the Store Wars circuit at Hobby Kingdom which also happened to be the last tournament in the Store Wars circuit for 2015.

I set a goal for myself to qualify for the 16 man invitational this year that I have failed to meet.  Unfortunately, life happens and I didn’t make it out for as many events as I’d hoped I would. Marc still has a good chance to make it though. Especially with his impressive 3-1 finish at his event. Continue reading

Podcast 084 – Protectorate of Menoth (Anson Durst) vs Retribution (Lord Arcanist Ossyan) – Rock’em and Warjack in a Sock’em

combosmitebatrepVSAnother battle report coming your way from the COMBO SMITE crew.  This week Darrell (aka Not-Todd) took a break from his Trollbloods and busted out his Protectorate forces to face off against Todd (aka Not-Darrell) and his Retribution in a 50pt battle.

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Podcast 071 – Cygnar (Siege) vs Retribution (Ravyn Tier1): Our Arrows Will Blot Out the Sun

Ah, Ravyn Tier 1. Basically an excuse to run 2 full units of MHSF with their incredible UA. But will it be enough against the 2nd tankiest warcaster in Cygnar?
IMG_20150408_201820 copy
I mean, Nick has a chart of how many MHSF are needed to kill warcasters as a function of their DEF/ARM… can Siege stand up to 22 boosted attack roll POW10s? Only one way to find out, folks… listen to the ‘cast!

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Nick is Officially Locked In…

So the survey we were running to determine the Faction Nick will play in 2015 is now officially closed (well, *technically* it closed on Friday night, but whatever!).

And the winner is…
*drum roll*


Retribution! It was actually a surprisingly close race, with Retribution getting 36% of the final vote, and Mercenaries weighing in with 31%.

Nick has already expressed some concerns about taking Retribution to tournaments, but he says he will play Ret for the podcast games, and Mercenaries for most of the tournaments. If Retribution gets an awesome new warcaster in the next book, he may switch to full-time Retribution for the tournaments as well!

Help Nick Make Up His Mind 2015: A Poll!

So our beloved host Nick is having a spat of Faction A.D.D., and I thought it might be fun/educational to get our listener(s) to help out!

The poll will be active for a week… so let your voice be heard! Nick has promised to MOSTLY play the winning faction after the OTC ends in a few weeks.
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Podcast 031 – Menoth vs Retribution, pKreoss vs Ossyan: Reigning Rockets

You’ll all have to excuse the pun in the title… I am a man of simple pleasures (and a simple mind, obviously!).

This week for the podcast I was granted the pleasure of tangling blades and bombs against Todd’s Retribution. Mostly, it was an excuse for me to either get a Judicator on the table (I loves me my Judicator) or High Reclaimer Silent Bob (who I have never tried yet, but looks super-awesome-fun!). DSC03588
Also in this week’s podcast, Nick starts painting his Galleon (which I believe I will nickname “Your Doom”), Aaron discusses Deathclocking his opponents by accident, and Todd takes beautiful pictures!

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Battle 021 – 50pt Menoth vs Retribution, pFeora vs Kaelyssa: Sanctify!

Since this week Aaron and Kassem were doing the grindiest grindfest that ever did grind for the podcast, that left me with the freedom to have a nice light game with Todd. Last time Todd stomped pKreoss into the dirt with the drunken kung-fu of Borka, but this time he was playing his beloved Retribution… which I am considerably more familiar with!

Also, I love playing against Retribution. It’s so nerve wracking in a positive way (unlike playing, say, Cryx, which is just repeatedly being kicked in the junk).
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