Throw Momma from the Terrain 03- “Insert Desert Pun Here”

Nothing warms the heart like a barren wasteland. Although sometimes the beauty of a desolate landscape needs the occasional special touch.  If you agree, then lets spice up your desert gaming board with some appropriate terrain.  From the visionary who brought you “Throw Momma from the Terrain : 01-02”  comes an epic post on Sandstone, dry brushing, and…..that’s actually it. Just those two things. Wait, I do some washing and basing as well. Or do I? I guess you’ll have to read and find out.


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Throw Momma from the Terrain 02 – Snow Job

Wow, you’re actually back to read another one of these tasty little terrain write ups.  Or maybe you didn’t catch the other one? A beautiful expose on how to make autumn terrain come to life. You should check it out because I’m telling ya, there’s lots of over arching plot points and continuity with these terrain posts.  You may get lost in the story if you start on post #2 sheesh!

Why am I even here? Oh ya, snow terrain!  Attempting to get close to my goal of owning various terrain of all different landscapes I decided to finally start a few winter pieces.  There’s a TON of ways to do snow and I’m sure they all look like snow. For the pieces I worked on I went with a technique that I feel gives a thicker, sometimes wetter looking snow effect.  Not all my winter terrain will share that look but for these rocks I really thought it fit.
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Throw Momma from the Terrain – 01

I’ve finally decided to crawl out of my hole, granted it’s a nice hole, to write up a quick post for Combo Smite. I wanted to start out modestly and give a little insight into creating and customizing terrain. I’d like to continue this segment over time where I will only delve into all things terrain/basing and the like.  I will at some point in the near future focus on models as well, present and past paint jobs of mine, but baby steps, people.  Okay, let’s get started.


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The Quest for Mediocrity: A New Beginning


     As it’s already been spoiled, I’ve managed to pry the athanc from my chest and escape Everblight’s control.  This has coincided with less than stellar tabletop performance upon my return to the Protectorate.  Likely Menoth is none too pleased with my actions whilst under the influence of a dragon and is punishing me accordingly.  While I intend to play and paint my Protectorate forces until I’ve got (at least) two painted 50 point armies for Steamroller, I’ve still got an athanc sized hole in my chest when it comes to playing an army on the Hordes side of the game.

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Paintectorate of Menoth – Avatar of Menoth Customization Pt1

So, I’ve decided that I need to finally assemble my Avatar of Menoth… it’s a fantastic warjack, and my only complaint against it has been that the model itself is ugly. Thankfully, my friend Darrell has a beautiful modification on the Avatar, which looks fantastic and encouraged me to try and do my own!

But first…


This is everything I need to have painted by next Saturday… 2 Choir members, 3 Paladins, a Vassal Mechanik, a Devout, 4 Crusaders (1 basically done), 1 Templar, and the Avatar in pieces in the middle. Continue reading

Paintectorate of Menoth – Judicator Base, Part 2

So I’ve finished painting my Judicator, which means now I have to base the beast… I was pretty happy with how my Stormwall base turned out, and I love the opportunity to make detailed, beautiful bases on these huge models. Unfortunately, unlike my Stormwall, I had no idea *what* I was going to put on the base… I’m not a fan of the typical “temple floor mosiac” that is popular, nor do I find the usual desert-theme stuff very interesting… but I wanted something!

After awhile, I came up with the idea of having the Judicator standing in a lush, green field, and torching everything in front of it with the flamethrowers. This, I thought, would at least be visually striking, and hopefully not too complicated (unlike my “Stormwall striding out of a river”, which was a blast and turned out okay but was a PAIN to actually do!).

Step 1, already posted in my “Basically Basing” post from last week, was to cover the front half of the Judicator’s base in “crackle paint” and the back half in sand.

After doing this, it was time to get a bit of paint on there… the base of the “burnt and scorched earth” region is “Bloodstone”, awhile the lush area behind the Judicator is “Umbral Umber”
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Terraining Day 11 – Papercraft Prime

Nick has been on a bit of a MERCs kick recently… it’s a neat game, no question, and the models are pretty cool. One of the nicest things about it, though, is that it rewards “gobs-o-terrain” setups, which is brutally punishing to WarMachine, and so I have an excuse to make a bit more terrain!

Now, the real reason I’m making MERCs terrain first is that a good friend of mine (hi Bill!) gave me a stack of Worldworks Games papercraft terrain for WarMachine (specifically sewer stuff, which looks uber-awesome!), but I didn’t want to ruin the good stuff with my clumsy and clueless attempts, so he also gave me some leftover city-scape stuff he had from his Heroclicks terrain collection, which I think will work perfectly with MERCs *and* give me practice so that I when I tackle the sewer-stuff, it’ll look awesome!

That’s the plan, at least…

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