Strategy Street 5!

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Tournament 010 – Store Wars 2 – Marc’s Experience with Cygnar

Aww yeah. It feels good to be writing battle reports again… between life and work, I’ve had precious little time remaining for the important things: talking about glorious victories and ignoble defeats!

IMG_20150131_111507 copy

This set of 4 battle reports are from late January (yeah, I’m a little behind!) and will cover my results at the 2nd Store Wars tournament which happened at Black Knight Games in Hamilton.

We’ve already done the podcast for this (WEEKS ago), but if you’d like a more detailed blow-by-blow… read on!
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Painter of Everblight – Lylyth3 “Sleighing” All Her Enemies

Oh, Nick is going to hate that title. And what I’m going to write. But he’s not hte boss of me!
IMG_4959 copy
Ya hear that, Grawburg! You may be a better painter AND a better player, but you’re not the boss of me! More pictures after the cut…

(Spoiler: He’s totally the boss)
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Legion of Everpaint – How to paint Vayl2

There were some requests for a tutorial on how I was painting my Legion.  As is the Combo Smite way, the guide will be excessively long with way too many pretty pictures.

IMG_4843 copy

If you think I’m a shitty painter and don’t think I should be writing how-to guides that you are not alone. But some guy on the internet asked for it so that’s what I’m doing.

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Legion of Everpaint – Plastic Seraph/Neraph Kit

I picked up a Seraph/Neraph kit recently.  I like the sculpt of the metal Seraph much better but I wanted to have the option to run our new 7 point heavy beast.IMG_4782 (Large) copy

The model comes with one of those transparent flight stands.  I happen to hate that kind of stand so I opted to find my own solution. Continue reading

Legion of Everpaint – State of the Legion

This summer, I decided to dust off my Legion models which had been collecting dust for 2 years.  I finally got them on the table about a month ago and have been having a great time.IMG_4779 (Large) copy

I’ve been painting up a storm. Here is an update of how it’s been going. Continue reading

Painting Competition 001 – Combo Smite FTW!

Saturday saw me hosting my first ever Painting Competition… I’ve competed in one before (coming in a respectable 5th, which is about what I deserved in my humble opinion), but I’ve never run one before.
I wanted to host an event that would be welcoming to beginners, and challenging and fun for experienced painters… actually, mostly I just wanted to get a bunch of really good painters into a room where I could pester them for hours for advice! Success!

We’ve recorded a podcast about our (mostly Aaron’s and Nick’s, since I am the scrub out of the three of us when it comes to painting!) suggestions on how to be a better painter… it’s really geared towards “Tabletop Quality” work (as opposed to much more demanding “Display Quality” work), but for those of you who are beginner-to-welterweight painters, it may be entertaining and useful! Some great tips from the guys!

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The Quest for Mediocrity


     Greetings all!  My name is Darrell and I’m a new contributor to Combo Smite.  You may know me as Menoth Darrell on the PP forums, the guy that makes the Steamroller scenario cards every year, or “that guy Marc borrows Protectorate models from” on other posts and podcasts here at Combo Smite.  If I haven’t lost you already, we can continue on to the nitty gritty.

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